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Flame On

ZIPLINE, Scorp’s Office – Help Force is an army with a rich history of causing major upsets in tournaments and beating unbeatable odds. Some even go as far as to call it a “tournament army”. And recently, we defeated the Templars – one of the biggest maxing armies in recent times. That was the March Madness Semi-Finals battle. This Saturday is the final battle of the tournament, and we’re facing the Ice Warriors.

Before we talk more about the upcoming battle, let’s see how our Semi Finals battle against the Templars went down.

It’s said that a single picture cannot represent a battle. Well, the recording is published in the #trackers-and-news channel. You can see that the Help Force displayed superior skills throughout the battle. We had more troops inside the room, we had more troops active than the knights, we had formations so goddamn awesome that the judges and even other armies couldn’t stop praising it. That picture does depict the battle in one frame, HF being a lethal winning machine and living up to its reputation. A huge thanks to all of those who attended and helped us win!

However, the finals against the Ice Warriors will be different. Wondering why? Well, Ice Warriors is one of the oldest armies in Club Penguin. They have several experienced troops, and amazing leaders who know how to make the army perform its best at every battle. Did you know that we are allies with the Ice Warriors? We often have friendly practice battles with them, and the amount of times that either side has won a battle against each other is roughly the same. The Ice Warriors maxed more than us in the Semi-Finals, and defeated the Rebel Penguin Federation. RPF is quite well known for its huge tournament winning streak, so we must congratulate IW for accomplishing such an unimaginable feat.

You really thought I was giving reasons why we’ll lose, didn’t you? Think again. Many irrelevant visitors are claiming that the battle will be really tough for HF. I agree that the our awesome allies IW are strong opponents. However, the final battle of tournaments is tough for any army, only when the preparation week leading up to the finals is easy for them. When you sweat more in training, you bleed less in battle. That is the ideology of the entire staff team this week. Everyone is HYPED AF to recruit more people, train for battle, and most importantly have fun with the entire Help Force family 24/7! To make this week even more fun, the Star Wars takeover has officially started in HF. I’ve never seen such passion in a staff team before, never seen such a strong desire(us) to win – and I’ve been in several other successful armies and won tournaments with them.

If we put all our effort into this battle, there is no reason why we should lose. The semi-final battle was amazing, with each and every troop putting their all into the battle. It was easily our best performance in a year. If we bring this same energy into the finals, we will defeat the Ice Warriors and finally take our overtime?? revenge. Even if they’re bigger than us, or have any sort of advantage, no one can match our determination. We fight to win and we fight for the motherland.

– Snowy

If HF goes all out, they should win this final. Beating Templars, who have been the number 1 army for months, is a great achievement but it needs to be backed up with silverware. HF and IW have had varying results against each other in the past few years so it could go either way, but my heart will always believe HF can pull off a victory.

– Tistle

Taking into consideration last year’s loss, which should just hype us up even more, and the great performance for our last battle, if we keep up the efforts then we can win, maybe a 2-1 score, 2 rooms for us. We’ve battled them before but since the last MM both armies have changed, and from my perspective we’ve improved a lot, which was very visible in our last battle. Even if the sizes will be similar, we need to keep up the speed and accuracy, which is definitely possible now.

– Alex1904

I believe Help Force can get this win if we all work together and achieve it. If we all take the time to recruit, hype and spend the time needed to make this all work, we can accomplish and destory the IW. Like last year in the semi finals, when we went into overtime?? and lost, that didn’t stop us from continuing to fight for our stand. We have had many pb with IW and we always do well for them even if their not judged. With the amazing leadership we are under, we will be faster and powerful Because #HelpForceBestForce

– Mayathefirst

I think the only way HF will grab the win is if the staff and the troops are on the same level of excitement, and we all have the same fire in our hearts to win the tournament. Recruiting will bring in many lovely people, we will do our best involve them into our beautiful family. We have come up with new things this week that will surely get everyone involved for the whole week, to get ready for the win this weekend. I am looking forward for this to work out and pretty confident with it. I know all of us are going to have so much fun, all I need is all the members of Help Force to support each other and march ahead together!

– Ru

This is a call to all the members out there. If you have even a sliver of loyalty and love in your hearts for the Help Force, come win with us. Since 2020, the Help Force has been denied every tournament win despite getting close. Every time, someone else manages to display better skills, or bring more active and experienced members to the battlefield. This finals battle is the closest we have ever gotten to overcoming both of those obstacles at the same time. We’ve proven that we are advanced enough to win this. All we need now is your contribution. With your help, we can finally win the March Madness.

All the staff members are excited to win, but literally a single one of you backing out and not attending could be the cause of all of our hopes and dreams crashing to nothing. Together, the Zipline Legion will march forth and bring back the most prestigious March Madness trophy. We will bleed and sweat before the battle begins. This week, we will ensure that the battle is a guaranteed HF victory. And you can contribute too, by attending the training events, recruiting segments and by keeping the chat fun and positive for everyone! Together we will make sure that the battle isn’t tough, but in fact an easy win for HF. The very same way we so easily won against the Templars. You know why this post is titled ‘flame on’.

It’s our time, HF. Time to win. Flame On.

Scorpion Demon

Help Force Second In Command

One Response

  1. The courageous Help Force troops will prepare themselves by munching on 10 bowls of curry before logging on. With the powerful boost and the adrenaline rushing through them, they will engage in battle against the Ice Warriors. They will find that the Ice Warriors will put up a good fight, but it’s no match for the curry. After 3 glorious, gracious battle rooms of constant covering, tactic spamming and neat forms, the Help Force troops will celebrate a victory against the Ice Warriors, bringing back the prestigious march madness trophy to the motherland of Zipline.

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