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Welcome to Spill The Tea! A column full of jokes, gossip, and entertainment! The third edition of this column, hosted by Delitager, brings Snowy to the spotlight.

So today we are interviewing Snowy, the leader of Help Force! She has been here for a while now. However, to provide a twist, we decided to also involve her best friends Maya and Mantiuxx! Oddly, the interview features Scorp as well because he likes to be annoying and get involved where he doesn’t belong.

Hi Snowy, welcome to Spill The Tea! Can you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Snowy: Hey, I’m Snowy. I believe I live somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean between Canada and Ireland. I traveled all the way here because I was told there would be free chicken nuggets for me and they couldn’t be shipped, due to me living underwater. I don’t see them here though…?

Why did you even think you would get chicken nuggets there, anyways, What is your history in Club Penguin armies?

Snowy: If the group of penguins I met in South America counts then yes, I was in a “penguin club” before. If that doesn’t count then no, I wasn’t.
Scorp: That’s a big fat lie, you’re obliged to tell the truth and spill the tea Snowy.
Snowy: I joined HF some time around August 2018, but I was inactive for a little while. I got messaged another army when I was still new and checked it out, but came back to HF by Jan/Feb.
Scorp: And what was the name of that army?
Snowy: Fashion Army…
Snowy: I should say that I stayed with them bc I got co-leader, wanna know how I got co-leader? I won a trivia contest the very day they opened.
Interesting, as a Commander, you definitely have a lot in your cup of tasks to do! What are some of the torturous tasks you suffer through every single day in Help Force?

Snowy: Defending the food supply from raccoons is pretty difficult, but the new raccoon fence we put in should help. My hardest job is definitely destroying evidence of nap segs from 2020. I’ve had to go through dozens and dozens of files and burn them. It’s especially difficult since I’m not supposed to have access to those. Thank goodness you’re not sharing this with anyone or I could get in trouble lol
Maya: smh snowy
Snowy: smh maya

There definitely aren’t people who are reading this, well, you’ve been here since quite a long time (don’t know whether that’s a good thing or bad) but please do tell us, how did you join the Help Force?

Snowy: I was playing CPO when someone recruited me from the town. I’d tell you what I was doing at the time but I’m a PSA agent and therefore sworn to secrecy.

We definitely have a lot to discuss as we move forward, but do you have any funny stories from your time here apart from ketchup tales?

Snowy: Ketchup tales are not funny, they’re tragic >:(
As for funny stories, I could give a few but one of my favorites is from 2019, when Unbelievaboat stopped working and nearly got banned. Everyone in general chat was panicking for the poor bot

Snowy: As you can see here, we were reacting for its life
Fortunately it decided to work again and was spared

Really looks like chaos there. You’ve been asked the question “When are you making ketchup cookies” several times before, and your answer to this was always “Never”. However, from certain sources, we have come to know that you actually used your top-class cooking skills to make ketchup cookies. What is the story behind these two pictures and why were they never given to the staff members?

Snowy: Maya I am actually gonna kill you.


Snowy: I refuse to give a reply to either of those pictures, except that what happens in dms STAYS IN DMS.

Scorp: you are obliged to reply!

Snowy: I demand a lawyer

Scorp: if we’re talking law, let me remind you about the contract you signed when Jayden promoted you to co-web head

Snowy: Okay I don’t want a lawyer anymore next question

Oop, Well now that the previous leadership has stepped away from the major decisions, why is the staff still not being provided with food? As a previous staff member you know the struggle we went through, why is it being repeated?

Snowy: There’s a very good answer to that actually, I’m glad you brought it up. There’s a large debate surrounding the staff food controversy. I’d love to answer your question but I don’t want to.

Is it true that every time you see a ketchup bottle in a grocery store you say mean things to it and flip the middle finger at it?

Snowy: Maya tell mantiuxx he’s staying blocked longer now. Yes it’s true, and I’m willing to provide evidence, though I suspect you have too much already.

My next question is, why? 

Snowy: Because, from the very bottom of my heart, fuck ketchup.

This makes me curious. We all know that you used to love ketchup before. So what happened? What led to the breakup?

Snowy: There was no breakup. We’re mortal enemies tyvm.
That’s not true, you literally put ketchup on your cookies!
They forced me to, please help
Maya: That’s a lie, no one forced her
Moving on to the next question, we have also received reports that you pick random staff members, drag them into vc, and read out weird geometry/chemistry textbooks to them. What is the reason behind this eerie form of torture?
Snowy: This is how we pick potential staff members, because all the hours spent mining can be mind-numbing, so we need to test how they hold up under the worst form of boredom- textbooks
Scorp: omg that’s a great idea I’m gonna start doing that for all my proteges!
Do you like watching any movies or tv shows?
Snowy: I like watching HF from the commander’s lounge, if that’s what you meant. Oh and shows/movies maya recommends, she has good taste.
Is it true you’ve never seen any shows or movies that aren’t produced by Disney? 
Snowy: No it’s not true, I once saw seven seconds of a reality TV show in a doctor’s office
What hobbies do you have outside of CPA?
Snowy: I enjoy spending time with my cats, making tea, reading, and continuing my plans to dominate most of North America one day. my cat is walking over my laptop as we speak
Scorp: Omg that’s so relatable! Although I don’t have cats.
My cousin brother has a dog though. I pretend that he’s my dog sometimes. But then he yells, “I’m not your dog, I’m your brother!”
Snowy: LOL
Scorp: When I tell him to sit, he bites.
Snowy: when you tell him to bite does he sit or
Scorp: He still bites
Snowy: what a good dog
Scorp: ikr!
What career do you wanna pursue irl?
Snowy: Professional party planner, I already have extensive experience of throwing parties on discord or neurobiologist, either works
Lastly, what is going to happen to mantiuxx and maya after this interview ends?
Snowy: Nothing is happening to Maya she is my twin, I love her
Maya: Aww
Snowy: Mantiuxx I’ll have to get back to you on
Mantiuxx: …

What an interesting interview! We hereby conclude that Maya and Mantiuxx are guilty of putting so much peer pressure on Snowy, she had to get into a loveless relationship with ketchup and ended up hating it. Come back next week for a new guest and even more tea!



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