Double Trouble

Hiya helpers!! Welcome back to the latest edition of Double Trouble, a series where Dhanush and I interview the besties of Help Force! Today we will interview Mantiuxx and NervousZippo, find out how they got to know each other, and also how well they know each other!

Let’s begin by getting to know them a bit better!

Dhanush: Welcome to the “Double Trouble” Mantiuxx and Nervouss!

Mantiuxx: Thanks for inviting us! 😀

Nervous: thank youuu! So glad to be here! Better if manti wasn’t here in the first place but yes

Dhanush: Smh nervous-. Probably what’s manti thinking right now. Anyways for our first question, how did you guys first meet?

Mantiuxx: Oo interesting question. We met at a bonk game with Walver lol, Nervous and Walver were playing and I joined the link, I didn’t play bonk so Nervous thought she could beat me, but I ended up destroying her. After that we kept talking and we spend too much time bullying each other.

Nervous: LOLL yeah, we kinda were racing ranks and I think that’s what really brought out the bullying. AND YOU DID NOT DESTROY ME TYVM- kind of

Mantiuxx: You just don’t want to admit it

Nervous: I just remember your ball being yellow, the same colour as mine- so I specifically aimed for you

Mantiuxx: Ikr, no account colours

Nervous: what a loser 

Mantiuxx: Yes you

Dhanush: Wow. So moving on, what are your fav memories with each other?

Nervous: lorddddd.. There are so many, but one that really stands out was after I got promoted to major general. After, Manti and I were the same rank and the first thing that came to our minds was impersonation 😀 It was so funny just switching profiles, banners, just making it so accurate to look like each other. The reactions of people after finding out we switched- so funny 

Mantiuxx: Omg yea I remember that 😀 We confused almost all Ausia people when they woke up, their reactions were priceless. Another one I remember is this one:


Mantiuxx: NO YOU DID

Nervous: oh god, not this again



Mantiuxx: YOU DID >:(

Dhanush: Wow I-. Let’s uh pause the debate and move on to the next question. What nicknames do u call each other and what’s the meaning behind them?

Nervous: LMAO UH- 

Mantiuxx: Ok I’m sorry this will be long and flood but it’s worth it

Nervous: NOOO

Mantiuxx: Zippy Boi – Her name + calling her a boy”

Zipper go OOF – Her name (Zip_OOF)

OOFY – Her OOF name

Hippo the Zippo -Her name and Hippo

LiceyHippo – Hippo + Licey (revenge for ticks)

Zip your pants -Name (Zip)



Zipper bag – Name (Zip)

Zippo lighter – Name (Zip)

Zippo Dippo – Name (Zip) + (Dipping, a weird joke of her)

Broccoli – (private reasons)

Weirdo Nervo – Weird + Nervous

Brippo – Broccoli + Hippo

Hip Poo – Hippo + poop

Nervsus – Nervous is sus

Stream – (private too)

Banervous – BAN NERVOUS

Pervouszippo – Pervert Zippo

Hip Pop – Hip Poo but with music

HF = Hippo Forest

Nervous: I- he even made “HF” stand for “Hippo Forest” like I-. I don’t have AS MANY nicknames for him who’s the bully now but one really old one was “MAN TICKS.” I just called him that after like a month or two after knowing him- I just got the inspiration from the pronunciation of how you say his name. And you will probably see me putting roach emotes in chat, as a substitute for a tick.

Dhanush: Omg LMAO I’m totally gonna die laughing, Nervous get ready after this blog gets posted you will be called with new names xD

Nervous: LMAOOO oh god

Dhanush: Haha moving on. So Nervous how do u feel being Mantiuxx’s daughter? And Mantiuxx how do you feel as a dad?

Nervous: OKAYYY… So uhm- I just wanna say, hELP is the greatest! He only feeds me 8 watermelons a week and Maya gives me lollipops and soup. I should have gone with Maya- Manti would kill me if I had another parent. I was actually gonna go to Walver and be his daughter.. I remember that day of him adopting me but then Manti literally didn’t talk to me because of it. I had to go back to him and he still name calls me. WHO NAME CALLS THEIR DAUGHTER- sob. 

Mantiuxx: Well uhm, what can I say, I’m a disappointed dad. She can’t type correctly, only bullies me, and I make her all these delicious Mexican plates and doesn’t eat them. AND THEN SAYS I DON’T FEED HER >:( Snowy has a hard time helping me keep Nervous not causing trouble 24/7. But besides all this Snowy and I love her, but she is a terrible spoiled brat. And she doesn’t obey and sleeps way too late, like even after me and Snowy went to sleep D: She always blackmails me, and plays the “sweet and innocent child” when she is a monster! But we are a messed up family tbh. Maya, Snowy, Nervous, Nene, and I are pure US chaos >:). I even sing for her in VC daily and just tells me to go away D’:

Dhanush: Wow- Okay so nervous is it true you don’t eat the Mexican dish and say Mantiuxx doesn’t feed you?


Nervous: NOOOO.. he doesn’t even give me those things, he said that he would after I went with Walver and came back but never did. HE EVEN FLEXED HIS CHOCOLATE AND OREO CHURROS TODAYY, didn’t even ask if I wanted any D’: S.O.S

Dhanush: Omg I hope it doesn’t start a debate again, so I will just move on to another question. Okay so which one of you both will make a better commander in HF? Cuz Elp gave u commander many times right. Aaa this is a debate as well oof

Mantiuxx: Obviously me, but I hated being commander. And oh gosh, I got commander so many times. If Nervous was commander, everything will be so bad, she has a worse JTS than Juanita (Juanita joke is not literally)

Nervous: MANTI WILLLLLLL. Manti told me that he loves being commander and that he is really the greatest. Although I’ve been called “lifeless” I got some irl things at this moment, plus Manti is already a higher rank in a shorter amount of time so- 

Dhanush: Hahah Mantiuxx force best force. Ayo she only does JTS when she’s doing an all-nighter


I object with the 2nd one, you should see our Dms 

Nervous: Eww.. Mantiuxx isn’t the best, and LOLLL, ah all-nighters are amazing ngl. I LOVE AUSIA TIMESSS.. take me, I offer ketchup cookies and dosa <3

Dhanush: Wow xD No Nervous you shall not do all-nighters listen to your dad smh. Anyways next question, which one of u gets bullied the most in HF?

Nervous: ME- yes uhm D’: lord, I should get gotw two more times just to make a command for manti tbh, and ride into the sunset with Maya!

Mantiuxx: Oh gosh, I think we are both equal, but Nervous gets bullied by some commanders so I think her bullying is more. !oof @NervousZippo Ayo OOF’d Zipper who’s NERVOUS!

Dhanush: LMAO Nervous gets bullied so she bullies other people too

Nervous: Bullying people because they bully me, I didn’t start it

Dhanush: Well u did end it 😀 Well anyways before we end, do u guys wanna tell the readers anything?

Mantiuxx: Yea, don’t trust Nervous, she is pure evil. She pretends to be nice and all, but when she is comfortable she is always bullying you (Walver, Asv, Insane, Swager can relate). And when you see us fight in general chat, that’s the way we show love 🙂 really weird but true. And almost all we say is a joke, so don’t take too seriously our arguments since most are too dramatic thanks to Nervous. But without joking, Nervous is one of the sweetest persons I know, she understands me and endures my craziness <3 I’m really grateful to have her as my friend (best friend maybe idk her) <3

Nervous: I would just actually like to say, I am actually glad to have Manti here.. it might not seem like it sometimes but I really care for him and a lot of you guys in some way <3 He’s just been a really good friend and a big part of me becoming active 😀 ANYWAYSS.. I know he will roast me in his paragraph so time for me to do the same! This interview was really sweet just being here, one thing I wouldn’t do again though- BEING HERE WITH MANTI. I could smell him miles away and would love to get out of here and far away as possible to him.

Dhanush: Thank you for the interview Nervous and Mantiuxx!

Wow-, well that was interesting for sure. Special thanks to Maya for the questions! I think it’s for the best if we move on to the second part now, I don’t want to spark up more arguments and debates 😮 So, let’s start the friendship test consisting of six random ‘this or that’ questions with two, three, or four alternatives. First, they’ll answer the questions with what they prefer, and then they’ll answer again, but with what they believe the other person said! At the end, they will also receive a score depending on how well they did!

PinguMaliz: Hi Manti!

Mantiuxx: Hi Pingu!

PinguMaliz: Soo let’s start! First question, what do you prefer? Video games or board games?

Mantiuxx: Video games

PinguMaliz: People are strange sometimes… Anywayss, what do you prefer now? Snowball fight or water balloon fight?

Mantiuxx: Snowball fight lol, even though I have never seen snow xD

PinguMaliz: Omggg snow is the best! I absolutely love it 😀 So, what do you prefer? Pasta, rice, or potatoes?

Mantiuxx: Wow a difficult one, I think pasta, it has more variety in my opinion

PinguMaliz: Good choice lol, I think I eat like 90 % pasta and 10 % other things XD So what do you prefer? Dark, milk, or white chocolate?

Mantiuxx: Dark ofc

PinguMaliz: Oo alright! I just realised I have many food/taste-related questions on this one xD So um, what do you prefer? Sweet, sour, salt, or spicy?

Mantiuxx: Spicyyyyyyy, I can’t live without it

PinguMaliz: Interesting! Now this is the last question! About you at least, so what kind of music do you prefer? Classical (before 1900), early 1900s (1901-1950), late 1900s (1951-2000), or modern (after 2001)?

Mantiuxx: Yikes another difficult one, maybe late 1900s – modern, but more modern

PinguMaliz: O cool! So now I’ll ask the same questions but you’ll answer with what you think Nervous said, so, what do you think Brippo prefers (yes I will use all of the nicknames you told us :DD)? Video games or board games?

But of course, before we continue on with that we have to take a look at what Nervsus answered!

PinguMaliz: Hello Nervous! Hope you’re doing well today 😀

Nervous: Yesss I am, hope you are too 😀

PinguMaliz: I am! Just a bit tired but that’s alr. First question! What do you prefer? Video games or board games?

Nervous: Oo probably video games

PinguMaliz: O alright! Now what do you prefer? Snowball fight or water balloon fight?

Nervous: oh god thats hard to choose- hmm maybe snowball fights, they are just magical!

PinguMaliz: Omg yess I love snowball fights too! Next question, what do you prefer? Pasta, rice, or potatoes?

Nervous: AWH NO D’:I love them all.. probably pasta thoughh

PinguMaliz: Oo cool, I don’t think I could live without pasta tbh xD Now to some sweeter things, what do you prefer? Dark, milk, or white chocolate?

Nervous: Omg I was just eating chocolate just now LOL, but most certainly milk chocolate. Dark chocolate is just too strong and white chocolate is too sweet 

PinguMaliz: LOL well chocolate is amazing isn’t it, so I happened to have three taste-related questions in a row now without me noticing it but yeah, what do you prefer? Sweet, sour, salt, or spicy?

Nervous: omg I didn’t notice either, I love talking about food so don’t worry, BUT I AM GONNA SOB FROM ALL THESE HARD QUESTIONS.. D’: Probably salty though, since that is the most I can eat without getting sick or tired of it.

PinguMaliz: LOL that’s my goal HAHAHHA :DD Now that was the last question! Now I’ll ask the same questions again but you’ll answer with what you believe Mantiuxx said! So, what do you think Manti prefers? Video games or board games? No wait that wasn’t the last question. I’m tired lol. Uh, I’ll just pretend I didn’t say that, sooo what kind of music do you prefer? Classical (before 1900), early 1900s (1901-1950), late 1900s (1951-2000), or modern (after 2001)?

Nervous: LOLL oh god, no worries. Maybe modern, its just what I grew up in

PinguMaliz: Yeah I think most people’d say modern (or maybe what do I know?). So that was the last question. Now, what do you think Manti prefers? Video games or board games?

Now that we have all of the answers, let’s jump back to Mantiuxx and see just how much he knows about Zipper Bag. 

Mantiuxx: Probably board games Correct answer: Video games

PinguMaliz: Alr we’ll see 🙂 Now what does Zippo Dippo prefer? Snowball fight or water balloon fight?

Mantiuxx: Snowball fight? idk lol Correct answer: Snowball fight

PinguMaliz: I mean guessing is probably a valid strategy since it’s multiple-choice xD What does LiceyHippo prefer? Pasta, rice, or potatoes?

Mantiuxx: Pasta Correct answer: Pasta

PinguMaliz: Okayyyy, and what does she prefer out of these? Dark, milk, or white chocolate?

Mantiuxx: Milk Correct answer: Milk

PinguMaliz: Alright! Is Nervsus more into sweet, sour, salty, or spicy?

Mantiuxx: Sweet Correct answer: Salty

PinguMaliz: And last question now! What music does Hip Poo prefer? Classical (before 1900), early 1900s (1901-1950), late 1900s (1951-2000), or modern (after 2001)?

Mantiuxx: Modern Correct answer: Modern

PinguMaliz: There we goo! Thank you so much for your time <33 Have a good day/night/whatever it’s weekend I can’t do time zone maths

Mantiuxx: Thank you Pingu! Same <3

Aaaand for the last part of the interview, we’ll see how well Nervous did!

Nervous: ooh lord, I’m gonna be bad at this because all we do is bully each other all day.. But I am 90 percent sure he would say video games.. IF NOT THEN HE IS LYING Correct answer: Video games

PinguMaliz: OL, the score to beat is 67 % so we’ll see 🙂 So what does Man Ticks prefer? Snowball fight or water balloon fight?

Nervous: WOOP WOOP YES! MAN TICKS. Okay I need to calm down 🙂 Ohh gosh- uhmm.. completely random guess but maybe a water balloon fight? 😀

PinguMaliz: Yesss, you know he gave us so many of your nicknames so I’m using them all in the post hehe :))) Now what does he prefer? Pasta, rice, or potatoes?

Nervous: LOLL oh god- the nicknames. I am guessing rice because- why not Correct answer: Pasta

PinguMaliz: Yeah why not? Does manti like dark, milk, or white chocolate more?

Nervous: Ooo probably milk chocolate, HE SEEMS TO BE FLEXING HIS CHURROS ALL THE TIME WITH THAT KIND OF CHOCOLATE >:( Correct answer: Dark chocolate

PinguMaliz: LMAO omgg churros are awesomeeeee, noww what does he prefer? Sweet, sour, salt, or spicy? Wow churros thanks for reminding me I’m definitely making those for Christmas 🙂

Nervous: OO YUM, have fun and shareeee. This is a hard guess- I am debating between sweet and salty. Hmm… maybe sweet? Correct answer: Spicy

PinguMaliz: Maybe so? Now last question! This time I checked and it is the last question, what kind of music does Mantiuksks (yes I spelled x as ks ’cause why not) prefer? Classical (before 1900), early 1900s (1901-1950), late 1900s (1951-2000), or modern (after 2001)?

Nervous: OMG I love that nickname so much.. he says that he only shows me Kpop and Black Pink, but actually listens to other types of music- I am just gonna guess modern, because he keeps singing this one song on repeat D’: Help me, someone! Correct answer: Modern

PinguMaliz: LOL don’t worry I’ll help you plan an escape so that’s it! Thank you so very much for your time and I hope you have an awesome day/night/something else <3

Nervous: OO YES, I’ll come with you! Thank you for interviewing Manti and I, I know I probably did horrible I’ll just stick with bullying him instead. Anywaysss.. this was a lot of funnn, thanks again! <3

There we have it, we’ve now reached the end of the post and it’s time for the scoring! Hippo the Zippo and Mantiuksks got… 50 %! Seems like bullying each other all the time doesn’t give the best of results, but what does that matter? It’s time to wrap up this edition of Double Trouble, and I really hope you enjoyed the post! We will be back next week with more exciting interviews!

Until we hunt for another pair of besties, signing off for now!

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