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Back In Time: Tournaments of 2020 [Part I]

Welcome to the first part of the Back In Time: Tournaments of 2020 series! In this post, we will take a look at two of the most important tournaments in Help Force’s history. We will also learn more about why tournaments are organized. Let’s begin!

A tournament is a competition where Club Penguin Armies like the Help Force come together and battle each other. They do this in a series of single-elimination battles, in order to win the cup! Tournaments are organized by Army Leagues or by Army Media organizations. Sometimes, they are also organized by a particularly influential army. All the participating armies battle each other as per a pre-determined bracket. The winner of the tournament is the army that wins the final battle.

Tournaments are overall a great boon to armies as they help increase the hype among troops like you who are reading this post right now! They provide an incentive to grow and improve the army more than normal battles do. Winning a tournament is one of the best accomplishments for an army. Not only does it glorify them in the Army Community, it also instilled their troops with pride and prestige.

Summer Bash [September 2019]

The Summer Bash was organized by Club Penguin Online Army League in September 2019. The army came out victorious for the first time ever in this tournament. Starting with a sobering max of 40 in the first battle, HF went on to max 70+ in the fourth and the final battle. Yep, that is the magic of how tournaments make armies grow. With intense recruiting efforts from the entire army including the troops, Help Force brought the trophy home.

The prestigious trophy won after we routed Pirates in the final battle of the tournament

Legends Cup X [June 2020]

Legends Cup X is the biggest tournament in the history of the Help Force so far. More than 30 armies participated in the tournament. The Roman Numeral X in the name indicates that this was the 10th version of this tournament. Each year, the Legends Cup tournament returns, offering the title of the Best Army for that year to its winner. Did you know that Legends Cup XI is beginning on this Saturday? 😀

The complete bracket of Legends Cup X, click to enlarge.

As Legends Cup X began, Help Force easily crushed Silver Empire and Royals, maxing above 40 and 50 in both battles. However, the Quarter Finals were an uphill battle for HF as the Doritos had a much higher placement on the Top Ten and were known to be bigger. Against the odds, the Helpers fought the Doritos with an astonishing max of 71 penguins. The Semi Finals proved to be a close fight against the Dark Warriors, with a max of 65. In the end, HF squared off against Rebel Penguin Federation in the finals, only to lose despite their best efforts, almost maxing 70.

Although the Helpers did not win this tournament, these battles went on to become legendary. The Help Force was established as a superpower in the army community. With the dedication and passion of the staff members and troops combined, they shocked the other armies with massive displays of power.

This Saturday, we embark on another journey as Legends Cup XI begins. Another year. Another chance to right the wrong. A chance to complete what we started one year ago. A chance to show that we are the undaunted, indomitable force. All of the troops reading this, this is your chance to be a part of history as we march into battles and towards eternal glory.

The second post about aces and the backstory of a famous holiday releases soon 😉


~ Vedant & Scorp
Help Force Staff

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