November 2020 Penguin Style – Secrets!

Heyo Helpers!!

Today I will be showing you where to find all the new secrets in the October 2020 Penguin Style Catalog!

Before heading to the gift shop be sure to go and collect the Blue Umbrella for 300 coins, from the Ski Village! Don’t be like me and spend 30 minutes searching for it in the catalog!

Head into the Gift shop now for the new catalog update.

The first page has 3 secrets:

We can click on the Sleek Shades and find some Spy Glasses for 250 coins!
Next, if we click on the middle penguin’s beak you can find a Spy Jacket for 300 coins.

Lastly on this page if we click on the pink penguin’s radio speaker we can get the Black Jacket for 300 coins.

The second page has 3 secrets:

The first of which, is found by clicking the suited penguins bowtie, when done you can get the Golden Braids for 250 coins.
Next, by clicking on the middle left laser beam you can find an awesome White Camo Outfit for 550 coins!
Finally, you can tap on the Swinging Agents head to collect Golden Waves for 250 coins.

The third page has 4 secrets:

On the last page of the new update, you can press the bottom of the Pink Striped Rubber Boots to get a pair of Black Glasses for 225 coins.
The next item we can find by clicking on the Moon is the Brown Wig for 250 coins.
The final new item that can be found is by clicking on the last button of the Blue Buckle up, this is the Pink Bun Wig for 250 coins!

The fourth page has 3 secrets:

To start with is the Yellow Raincoat for 450 coins once you tap on the rip in the Ghoul Costume. Next, you can find the Candy Corn costume for 100 coins after pressing on the stump of the tree on the left. Moreover, we can find the Indigo Pompoms for 100 coins by clicking on the zombie’s pocket.

The fifth page has 2 secrets:

Next up is the Halloween Rugby shirt for 400 coins when we click on the button on the horse’s head.

The last item you can find on this page is the Cat Eyes for 50 coins this is found on the Puffle skull.


The sixth page has 3 secrets:

Another item we can find the Springy Pumpkins for 100 coins by clicking the left spider.

Next, you can find the disgusting Cursed Frankenstein Feet for 250 coins once you press on the Orange Frankenfeet along with The Nine Lives for 250 coins, we can obtain by clicking on the spider on the right.

The seventh page has 3 secrets:

The first item is the Chocolate Ice Cream for 100 coins at the top of the far left tree.

Next, we can find the Light Pink Sunglasses 350 coins on the tip of the right horn of the cow costume.

Besides these, there are the Light Pink Scarf 150 coins from the blue little flag.

The eight-page has 3 secrets:

Here we can find the Cherry Balloon for 75 coins if we click on the White Puffle.

The next item you can find is the Clown Face Makeup for 50 coins by clicking the far-left red button on the tent.

 You can also find the Coral Crown for 300 coins by clicking on the muscle person’s belt.

The ninth page has 3 secrets:

First up is The Bucket Hat for 150 coins clicks the blue Ferris wheel cart.

Then we have the Dog Stuffie for 150 coins by clicking the pointed red button.

Then there is the Green Wheeler which you can acquire once you press the tip of the magician’s wand.

The tenth page has 2 secrets:

Here we have The Pink MP3000 for 400 coins we can find this by clicking on the top of the fire.

Importantly you can find one of my favorites the Decaf Coffee for 50 coins by clicking the penguin’s earring for this item.

That covers everything in the catalog this month.

I hope this guide helps you find all the new secrets in this catalog for now!

Comment below, if this guide helped you out!
If you found any other secrets in the new sections!

Keep Unleashing the power of Helping!!

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