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Roll up! Roll up! Time for some fair games!

Aloha everyone!

It’s me, your friendly neighborhood Traffic Light! 🚦

As the fair is now upon us, I thought I would take the time to talk through some of the amazing games that you can play and where to find them, so get ready and enjoy!🥳

The First Game Room🎉

The first game room is situated next to the docks on your right. Here you can also find the entrance to the Ferris Wheel🎡 as well as Spin to Win, Ring the Bell🔔  and Puffle Shuffle.

Spin to win – the spin to win wheel is available to spin daily, as well as when you play games you may get the lucky and win a golden ticket which allows you spin the wheel again or the third option being paying 5,000 tickets. The prizes on the wheel arrange from tickets, coins and even mystery items! And if you’re lucky you might get to spin again thanks to the spin again space. If you land on the spin again space you will receive 500 tickets too.

Ring the bell – Quite a fan favourite between many penguins alike the goal of this game is simple. To hit the bell. A mallet will be moving side to side over a target, you must click when the mallet gets to the center of the target and hold until the mallet reaches green to ring the bell.

Tips on winning Ring the bell🎉😉

If you click when its on the side of the target the most tickets you can claim is 5. Even when you end up in the center but miss when the mallet reaches green the most tickets you can claim will be 10. If you ring the bell you’ll claim 25 tickets. This booth is popular because of its spacing being next to the spin to win tent. Give this game a go and TEST YOUR MIGHT!💪

Puffle Shuffle – This game is all about concentration. Three different coloured puffles are placed under hats and moved around. It is your job to find the coloured puffle to claim tickets. You have three lives in this game, if you find a correct puffle you will claim tickets. It’s a fun game to test your skills and can be quite enjoyable!

Next to puffle shuffle following the arrow is a SQUID RIDE! Although you don’t win tickets it can be very fun watching your penguin on this ride.

The Forest 🌲

The forest is home to three game tents and two games. The first tent on your left is one where you can redeem tickets for prizes🎫 . The two other tents are the Memory Card Game🃏 and Puffle Paddle🎾.

Memory card – the objective of this game is simple, find the most matches in time to win the most tickets. The cards feature things like food items and puffles making the game all that cuter. It’s definitely one to try if you have a good memory.

Puffle paddle – The objective of this game is that you have a ping pong paddle and bounce a puffle for as long as you can. It starts easy as there is only one puffle you have to bounce, but it does get harder as more puffles join the game and you have to bounce them too. This game as well as being cute, tests your skills. At first each bounce equals 2 tickets but then as the number of puffles are increased so are the number of tickets earned.

Snow Forts Extra Room ❄ 

If you take the path next to the one you would usually take to get to the stadium you can find another gaming room with three more games. These games are Balloon Pop, Feed a Puffle🍕🍔🍿 and Puffle Soaker.

Balloon pop – This game is about focusing. You control a puffle in a hot air balloon and your goal is to pop balloons into the many cactuses along the sides. You keep yourself afloat by moving a fan with your mouse. When the balloons pop tickets will come out of them and you can move yourself to collect them. This game is fun but it can be easy to steer into cactuses if you haven’t got the hang of the game.

Feed a puffle – Preferably my favorite game during the fair. It is the easiest game to get lots of tickets from as well as being adorable. The aim is you have a puffle-o-shooter with 100 puffle-o’s and you must shoot it into their mouths before it runs out. It’s like a crazy version of whack a mole. The amount of tickets earned goes up by 2 depending on the coloured puffle and works like this:

  • Blue – 2 tickets
  • Red – 4 tickets
  • Brown – 6 tickets
  • Orange – 8 tickets
  • White – 10 tickets
  • Yellow – 12 tickets
  • Black – 14 tickets
  • Pink – 16 tickets
  • Green – 18 tickets
  • Purple – 20 tickets

The puffles increase in difficulty to feed as the colours progress so the blue puffle will keep its mouth open, while the purple puffle blows a bubble of which you have to pop and then shoot again. But the tickets add up which is why it’s one of the most easiest way to get tickets as you find yourself at the end of the game with usually 300+ tickets.

Puffle soaker – Controlled by using the keyboard, so up arrow or spacebar to shoot, down arrow to duck and left and right arrow to turn left and right. This game involves soaking wooden boards of different coloured puffles with a water gun, but there’s also a twist. There will be boards of mascots like Gary, Rockhopper or aunt arctic and if you hit those then you loose 10 points, as well as there being items like pizza, coffee bean bag or a fish which fly at you and also cause you to loose points. You can duck easily out of the way and rack up combos of ducking and shooting to increase your score and is overall a fun game!

There we go people! These are all of the fun games that you can enjoy at the fair as well as how to play! Let me know if you enjoyed my first blog post. Until next time have fun and keep playing!


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