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[AUSIA] Blacksmith Takeover

Hey Helpers, today we logged on to CPR – Blizzard for our Blacksmith Takeover. This event was led by Barnito, Marshmallow and Kara. We did formations and amazing tactics as well! Great Job Helpers! AUSIA FORCE BEST FORCE!


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23 Responses

  1. i came – pinktheking1

  2. I ATTENTED – Albert
    Ausia Force Best Force

  3. I was there!!

  4. I attended

  5. I attended! Ausia Force Best Force – Slush

  6. I attended

  7. I attended!

  8. I was there
    pragya tanu

  9. i attended – cooper

  10. I attended!

  11. I attended

  12. I attended – Bill Cipher


  14. I attended! Ty for hosting! Ausia Force Best Force!

  15. THANK YOU For Hosting, Snowflake-Soft.

  16. I attended

  17. WhoInvitedThis#7609 I attended! Loved it.

  18. i attended!

  19. I attended -Skillz

  20. I attended!

  21. attended

  22. I was there for the first 15 mins or so

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