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Help Force cease-fire on ACP as World Conflict halts

With recent news coming from ACP and RPF having ceased fire on their current war, Help Force have been pushed to terminate their enemy status with ACP.

Disclaimer: This post includes mature language 


News has arrived within the last hour from ACP and RPF, with armies agreeing to hold their fire on one another and settle the current global war for the time being. This has meant that despite HF only declaring war on ACP less than 48 hours ago, it has been forced to stop because of these events. HF’s only action since declaring war has been a server invasion of Northern Lights which maxed 42, and will not proceed to attack and raid enemy servers with the world war on pause.

This was the conversation between HF Leader Moon and ACP Leader CSY. Help Force are not allying with ACP, but are keeping a neutral relationship with past memories not to be forgotten.
“If relationships remain positive and stable, we’ll ally on September 29th, 2020.”

Why shouldn’t HF keep attacking ACP?

We saw yesterday pretty clearly. ACP didn’t show for the invasion of Northern Lights and it’s clear that they would not show at all or only defend us if we continued the onslaught. ACP had no intention of attacking us in return and it would feel like a waste of time if we kept the aggression level high.

What next?

RPF and ACP won’t attack each other until 29th September, 2020. This doesn’t include HF, but of course ACP must keep relations strong with HF if there is to be another alliance in the future. Our job is to keep growing in size and activity. We should be aiming for 40 members online in every event and the more consistent we are, the higher we can aim!

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4 Responses

  1. September 29th 🤔

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