The Help Force Diaries

Hey there Helpers! Welcome to the Help Force Diaries, a brand new series with fun updates on the going-ons inside Help Force! This series will focus on everything exciting that happens within Help Force and the community, including Battles, Fun Events, Promotions and some juicy gossip in the server! It is transcribed as if it were a real diary, written in a regular helper’s point-of-view, which differentiates itself from the other posts on the website! This series will be weekly to make sure you guys keep up with everything Help Force!

14th – 20th October, 2019

Dear Diary,

This week has been an absolute revelation! I’ve never experienced such a jam-packed week of events! The last 7 days have been so mental and I cannot prevent myself from logging in and participating in every single event! The first event of the week was the Card-Jitsu Tournament on Tuesday, at AUSIA time, which was incredible! We had over 30 participants which made the event even more enjoyable! After an intense bunch couple of opening rounds, Flibitty came out on top against Crystal in the final! Congrats Flibitty!image0.png

Then on Wednesday we experienced the first Find Four tournament in Help Force since June as Fxizaxx hosted the well-attended contest with Lottie co-hosting along side her. This event was even more amazing, as it saw the highest participation in a fun-event for a very long time in Help Force, with nearly 50 people having signed up! This event was a massive success, and through all the matches that were played emerged a true champion, as Tsanami won 6 consecutive games to snatch the crown in a close final against Ilhan6619! Congrats Tsanami on an amazing performance, and to Fxizaxx who displayed brilliant hosting skills during her first event!


Then on the same evening, Maurox hosted a Card-Jitsu Water Tournament for Help Force’s Spanish Community for the first time. This smaller event saw 20 Hispanics battle through the waves for the victory! Tistle came out victorious in this Tournament, with Leader Spotty coming up short in the Final! I hope this is just the beginning for weekly events within the Spanish Community, as this competition was received well by players and has huge potential to grow in the future!


Following these successful fun-events came plenty of segments on Thursday before an exciting US Trivia event on Friday which was hosted by Tistle. The event followed the Mod Meet-Up an hour prior, which meant many of the participants were all fired up and ready for questions! After a Help Force round which was dominated by both Beni and Lottie, other members started winning questions, making the whole contest more open and enjoyable to experience. However, Beni’s 6 correct answers in the first round alone was enough to see out the competition, as Lottie reached 5 points and Aoao won 4 questions! Congrats Beni on your brilliant knowledge of Help Force!


Then came the big action, the most amazing battle practice that Help Force has ever seen. The Candy Corn event, maxing around 88 helpers! As the leaders constantly kept reminding us, this was Help Force’s highest ever max, which shows how much the segments have paid off over the last few weeks and how much our community has grown! The fact that this event improved the army max by about 25 in the space of a week is truly remarkable, and all participating members were granted with double army promotions for their awesome display! Here are some pictures of this stunning event, and of course, don’t forget to check out the post about the event on our website!




And to conclude the week’s events, Help Force united with their Allies and Colonies on Sunday in a NAA battle practice, hosted by both Spotty and Tistle on a day which also broke a record. The NAA maxed 75 members with Help Force contributing over 50 to that total, which confirmed another huge stride forward for the NAA, that will no doubt continue to grow as the future unfolds! This event also gave promotions to participating members, to round off a hugely successful week for Help Force and its allies!


One of the main results from this mad week of events was the promotion of Tistle from Expert Moderator to Leader! After hosting the Trivia event on Friday and leading a room with the NAA, Tistle proved his leadership attributes and qualities, which will certainly continue to improve with every event he hosts! Congrats Tistle on your promotion!
Another promotion given on Sunday was for Crystal, who has moved from Moderator to Expert Moderator, after playing an influential role in ensuring that AUSIA segments all ran smoothly and her kindness and activeness within the community never gets overlooked! Congrats Crystal! Keep up the good work!

However, a member of staff left the team this week. Beni’s tight-nit schedule involving many activities in real life has resulted in her activeness to dip, as she resigned from her role on Friday. This news was followed by a beautiful moment from everyone, as Beni was thanked for all her hard work in her short reign as moderator! We all wish Beni good luck for the future from Help Force!

Another incredible achievement in this hectic week was the removal of Katty’s GoTW crown by Fxizaxx! After 6 consecutive weeks at the summit of the leaderboard, Katty’s brief inactivity this week was capitalized on by Fxizaxx, who claimed her 2nd victory! Fxizaxx claimed 4800 points and was no match for anyone at the top, winning comfortably by well over 1000 points! Congratulations again!
This week saw Help Force hold 30 recruitment segments, 7 stamp segments and 2 Pre-Event recruitments, proving how key the activity within the army from helpers and staff members has been to reach these new heights! We end this week on 8700 members, how many can we get by the end of next Sunday?

Next week however may even go one step further. The Halloween Event, beginning towards the latter end of next week! Make sure to stay tuned on Friday for the team sorting and Saturday for the launch of Help Force’s Huge Halloween week!

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