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Shad’s Office~Alright so I know it has been awhile since I have been able to post due to some unfortunate reasons that some of you may know about. Anyways, I am back and able to post. With that being said, this will be my last Help Force Beacon. I will be passing the torch over to somebody else that I hope will carry on this tradition. If you want to take over the HF Beacon please DM me and I will ask you a few questions.

Today’s Beacon will cover the Random Facts of the week as well as the long awaited ending to this wonderful story. I will also pick the best answer to the Question of the Week! So, without further ado, lets get this post started!

Random Facts

Random Facts, Random Facts, Shad knows a lot of facts. Shad and his Facts.

  • DID YOU KNOW….The inventor of Frisbee Golf was turned into a frisbee? As his dying wish, Edward β€œSteady Ed” Headrick, asked to be cremated and mold his remains into a frisbee!
  • DID YOU KNOW…The inventor of M&Ms and Peanut M&Ms was actually allergic to Peanuts!
  • DID YOU KNOW…The dot over the lowercase i is called a “tittle”.
  • DID YOU KNOW…The Cookie Monster’s real name is Sid?
  • DID YOU KNOW…That Garlic actually attracts bloodsuckers? In an experiment conducted by Norwegian scientists, it was found that leeches attached to a hand smeared in garlic in just 14.9 seconds, while it took them 44.9 seconds to attach to a hand that had not.


Chapter 6

As MessMess, Elp, and myself head out to the Rally Point we see the other squads pulling up all around. It was an exciting moment seeing all the squads coming together again. As we get to the rally point Ayan shouts out to everyone, “Good work team! We have rescued everyone and I don’t see anybody really injured bad.” Right after he says that I see a flash from a distance “Sniper!” As I say that I push Ayan aside and I get hit in the shoulder. “Take cover!” Shouts Elp.

MessMess then radios over to Rorange and Mack. “Where are you?! We are getting hit by sniper fire!” Rorange responds, “Not anymore”. We then see the four snipers get taken out. “Alright, we need to hurry up and get Shad to a chopper! We also need to get back to base. We have pushed the Light Troops back. Everyone else can handle them now.” “I will be fine. It is just a flesh wound.” I say as I stand up. “Hand me my M16, I will survive.” Elp then hands it to me. “We going to load up or what?” I say looking over at Ayan. “Alright, let’s load up.” Ayan says.

I then load up in the back of the 7ton with Rorange and Mack who climbed in from their sniper positions. I pull out my knife and my bandana. I tear it up a bit and fix up my wound. “That looks bad”, mack says looking at it. “It will be fine. Nothing can stop me.” “Yeah, Shad is tough. He is a true legend.” Rorange says excitedly. “He has been through some of the worst wars.”

We then pull up to our port. “Alright everyone, before we load up I have a few words for you all.” Ayan yells out. “We have done great out here and want to thank every single one of you…” As he is saying that I climb out of the back of the truck and start making my way over. “Where do you think you are going?” I turn around and see Xing jumping off a box. “You and I have unfinished business.”

“Xing…” I muster. “I have been wondering where you were. You are a hard person to find.” “Well, I have a few tricks” he replies. “Enough talking.” I respond as I punch him in the face. “So this is how it is going to go down” he says wiping his face off. He then throws a punch and I dodge it while hitting him with an elbow. He then goes for a kick and I dodge that, but get hit with the other leg. He then grabs me and punches me in the shoulder where I got hit by the sniper. I then fall down. He then kicks me over and over. “You seem a bit weak. You ok?” He says mocking me. “Well, that’s what happens when you get shot.” I say. I start to stand up, but get knocked down again as he kicks me in the face. He pulls out his m9 and walks over to me. “Enough fun, I have other business to get to. Time to end this. He then points the gun at me. “Goodb-” MessMess comes out of nowhere clotheslining him. He then starts punching him and then turns him around and puts him to sleep. He stands up and helps me up. “What is this mess?” He says. “Some crap I got myself into I reckon” I respond laughing. “I ain’t as good as I once was.”

I then radioed over and requested kava to come and arrest xing. As she puts him in and handcuffs MessMess helps me on to our ship so we can all go back to base. The rest of HF loads all of our trucks and equipment and we take off. I sit thinking about my past experiences and smile upon it. I then fall asleep.

I wake up to everyone happy and MessMess shaking me to take up as we pull up to base. We get everything unloaded and make our way to our base. We get there and we all go back to our barracks. We then have a ceremony for our hardworking and our battles and everyone awards along with promotions. “I also want to give the highest of awards to Shad for taking a bullet for me and for saving everyone’s live back there. you really diserve it.” Ayan says smiling. “I don’t want it. I was just doing my job, the person that really deserves it is MessMess for everything he did. He saved mine and Elp’s many of times. he has also saved all of yours. If it wasn’t for Mess, none of us would be here.” I then hand it off to Mess.

“I also want to say that today is the day that I retire completely. I just ain’t at my tip top best anymore and can’t do this anymore. I want to think every single one of you for making my last experience a blast. It is time for me to move on to other things. Goodbye Help Force. You have made me smile and remember that everything we do is about the fun.” I then wave and walk away. I hop into my Black 1985 Chevy Silverado and drive away.

The End

Question of the Week

Here was the previous question:

“If there was one art you could perfect, what would it be and why? (i.e. Digital Arts, Cooking, Writing, etc)

The answer I liked the most was:

QOTW: If there is one art I want to be perfect at, it is writing. Writing is the art of conveying one’s thoughts and feelings through words. A good piece of writing can connect with the hearts of people. It is a useful form of communication and people have used it to pass down ideas and knowledge throughout history. When you are about to make a terrible decision, a simple quote or perhaps just a word sometimes can make you rethink everything and turn back. Words have power. Being good at writing, in a sense, means that you know how to use that power well. Writing is the best form of self-expression for me, as I have the time to think carefully about what I say and I don’t have to worry about blurting out thoughtless words that may hurt others due to being hard-pressed to come up with something to say on the spot. Therefore, perfecting this art would mean a lot to me. – CK3197SE (exams)

The Last HF Beacon written by Shad

I want to thank all of you for reading these and making them what they truly are. I know I have been inactive on getting them out because of me not having the time for them. I also want to thank Ayan for allowing me to write these. I truly hope and I am sure will make these post great. I will soon be opening a site that will have stories on them and will let you all know once it is open. Again, thank you Help Force.


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