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Table of Contents:

  • Intro
  • Tips
  • Story of the Week
  • Ask Shad
  • Talking with Troops


Shad’s Office~This will be a weekly post that I will write every Sunday. I will be covering a lot of topics like it was a newspaper. Theย Tips section is where I will post a few tips for the troops here to help you all out and to help you become a stronger troop. Story of the Week will feature a fun story for you all to read that I will be writing myself. So if you are into a fun read then this will for you. Ask Shad will be the section where you can send me a question and I will answer it live in this article. The question can range from history to whatever you want to ask. Talking with Troops will be a section where I interview a random troop and give you the power of a voice!

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Tips to Becoming a Stronger Troop

Have you ever wondered how can I get more points? Or how do I get promoted? Well then you are in the right place! The key to success is 3 things. Activeness, Recruiting, go to all segments and events! However, it isn’t always that easy. One of the best tips I have ever been told is to take charge. Become your own leader. Try to get others active rather than just yourself. You see that nobody is doing anything then help the leaders get people ready for the event. DM people you see that aren’t on. Help out and take charge. Get out of the comfort zone. Leaders notice that kind of stuff and they don’t forget. Always take the initiative to do things for the army. If you show improvement then they will notice you more and more.

“Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, You will never grow” -Ralph Waldo Emerson


Story of the Week

There I was, sitting there near our trucks next to Ayan and Spotty drinking water out of my canteen when I see Kavacado running up to us yelling “They’re coming! They’re coming!”. Ayan then stands up along with Spotty. Ayan says, “Gather the troops and tell them to pack up.”. Kavacado responds, “Yes sir!.” and runs toward the camp site where the troops are. Ayan turns to me, “Shad, get your plans ready so we can start the briefing asap.”ย I respond with, “Will do.”. Spotty walks towards Elpiojo and informs him on what is going on as he just returned from the bathroom.

Approximately 10 mins later I yell, “CIRCLE AROUND! Hurry up lets get this started!”. They then gather around me and Ayan tells them to listen to me. “I have been informed by a few comrades that the Light Troops are heading our way. They are right around this area right here” I point at the map near the lighthouse. “They have about 30 troops there planning on invading us at dawn. We have about 2 hours to prepare so we don’t get surpri-“. I get interrupted by a yell, “THEY’RE HERE” and an explosion as one of posts gets blown up by LT. Ayan yells “GET TO YOUR STATIONS!” I pick up my M4 and get to cover. Elpiojo lets a big “YEEHAW! LETS GET TO SHOOTIN!”. I look around and see Spotty taking cover behind a barricade and Virtuoso jumps on the back of the Humvee manning the M240.ย 

I look over at Ayan and nod. “It’s about to go down.” All I see is bullets flying around. I look down range and see Rorange fall to the ground. I run over dodging bullets with Ayan and Spotty covering me along with Virt on the M240. I get there and check Rorange for wounds. “Rorange, are you ok?!” I say over and over. He mumbles, “I’m good”. I pick him up and put him on my shoulders and run back behind the 7-ton. A few other troops come over to help me put him in the back of truck. I look back and what I see is not what I expected.

End of Chapter. Check back next week to see the next Chapter!


Ask Shad

To ask me a question please send me it in my DM’s [ย SirShad#5616 ]ย in the following format.

**For Ask Shad Article**

Your Rank in Help Forceย 
Your Question in a descriptive format
If you want your name to be mentioned in the article or not

I will then respond in this section. I have one question sent to me last week.

“I was wondering, how did Armies communicate back in the day? Now with all armies alliances, and CP Army Leagues on Discord it makes it easier, but how did they Communicate?”. -Nate Ham

To answer your question, we communicated on various platforms. Before about 2007, we communicated mainly on Miniclip forums. Then we moved over to Xat in around 2007 time frame.ย 


Talking with Troops

This week I have had the pleasure of talking with Nate Ham. Here is our convo:

Me: Red

Nate Ham: Blue


Hi how r u?

I am fine. What about You?

I’m good thx

Lets get down to it, how long have you been in HF?

I have been in hf Since this summer with a break in the middleย 

Whatโ€™s one important learning experience people can get from the community?

I think one of the biggest things anyone can learn from being in a community such as hf is that there is always someone there for you if you ever need anything, everyone is kind and willing to help.ย 

What makes HF different from other armies?

I think what really sets hf apart from other army is how we all feel like a family rather than an army and I think the staff play a big part in helping that grow.ย 

If you could change one thing in HF, what would it be?

Honestly, I would probably remove the army element. I think hf is often held back by the rules of armies and i feel that if we were a group rather than an army we could put more attention to nourishing the great things we already have before we put our attention to growing and being the best.ย 

Alright, thank you for your time, Anything else you want to say?



That wraps up this week’s edition ofย The Help Force Beacon! Keep a look out next week for the next edition!


“If you know the enemy and know yourself, You need not fear the result of a hundred battles.” -Sun Tzu




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