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So the Recruitment Segments keep happening now and then and they are pretty fun. It was led by one of our leaders Kavacado the avocado! The segment consisted of a few of us Helpers going to town for recruiting people to come join us! We asked a few people to tell to join us and were battling with them because they thought we were bots! I mean sure we do look like weirdos but hey we are good weirdos. we decided to interview Ms. Kavacado the Avocado and here’s what she had to say!

Jayden: First question a bit out of topic! Why are you called Kavacado the avocado?

Kava: wait! i’m called Kavacado the avocado?!!

Jayden: Yeah! i’ve heard a few people say it before!

Kava: Well then I guess its just a nickname people have for me! But people call me Kava as well.

Jayden: Well then, on to the next question! What is a “Rec Seg”?

Kava: A segment in which we help promote our army to CPO members interested

Jayden: Why are rec segs important to the HF

Kava: Rec segs are crucial in our army’s growth, they are there to recruit more members

Jayden: What did you think of the rec seg we had a few hours ago?

Kava: The rec seg I did a few hours ago was designed to help the upcoming Ausia event and I felt it was pretty successful considering our previous segments

Jayden: And last but not least, of all armies Why HF CPO?

Kava: We have a more open and wide community and gives everyone a chance to be involved. We take the community’s opinion into account so most of the fun events held are based upon public opinion. Which is why we are one of the most successful CPO armies at the moment.

Jayden: Well thanks for your time Ms.Avocado….sorry Ms.Kava oops !

You may have seen us recruiting on CPO multiple times now in the Alaska Town. Perhaps, you think that we seek solely to add to our numbers, and that all we are doing is spamming the server chat. But we are not a team to seeks only to grow in numbers. We genuinely, and sincerely wish to invite you into the amazing community that we have built over the past year. The bonds between members have been growing slowly but surely, and it has gradually blossomed into something beautiful.

A lot of you have asked us “can we gain anything in CPO if we join you?” or “do we win anything?”. Help Force would be very glad to help you earn hard stamps on CPO and give you gaming tips. But Help Force doesn’t just give you materialistic things on CPO. If you look past all that, Help Force is a fun, warm and welcoming place filled with kind and supportive people who are always ready to help. Help Force is a family. You can definitely find someone you enjoy talking to there, and your CPO experience will be made much more fun through our various events, such as Card-Jitsu tournaments, Hide-and-Seek games, Fashion shows, Trivia quizzes, Sled Racing, and so much more. You’ll have plenty of fun. We offer a lot; you only need to give us a chance. That’s one of the reasons why we recruit in CPO; we’d love to have you around to enjoy these activities with us.

By being active in Help Force, you can get promotions. We host Stamp segments every once in a while to help other penguins earn stamps. Participation in each Recruitment or Stamp Segment will earn you 100 points. We have a leader board for points that’s reset every week. If you’re really active and rise to the top of the Help Force ranks through earning points, you’ll become the Gamer of the Week and you get a special exclusive role and a custom bot command! But of course, even if you’re not the top gamer, you’d still get lots of cool promotions if you reach certain milestones. You get to become an Amateur Helper if you get 500 points, a Pro Helper if you get 1000 points, and a Veteran Helper for 1500 points! We deeply appreciate everyone’s participation in our segments and it would be really great if you aim to get a promotion during your time at Help Force.

“The fun increases when you rank up” ~Ayan (KitKat89), Founder and Current Leader of Help Force, 2019

You get to do more in Help Force if you rank up, so go for it!

We also have Events. In most Events, we practice Tactics for battle. Why, you may ask? It’s because we’re a Club Penguin Army! In Practice Events, we spam tactics in CPO in preparation for real Battles against other CP armies. Maybe you’ve walked in on these practices a few times. Admittedly it does get a bit repetitive, but it is a rewarding experience as we get many beautiful photos and every successful tactic increases the unity between Help Force members and our overall strength as an army. Just like Segments, you get Promotions for actively taking part in events! The six promotion roles you can get from taking part in events are Junior Commander, Amateur Commander, Expert Commander, Senior Commander, Master Commander and Supreme Commander, with Junior Commander being the lowest rank and Supreme Commander being the highest. For each Event we like to set a target for number of people attending. If we reach the target and everyone does tactics accurately, you will be promoted one rank higher! Sounds cool, doesn’t it? These roles are refreshed every week. But if you can reach Supreme Commander by the end of the week, you will get the Event Leader role! The Event Leader role is permanent. It’s an epic role to have.

On the topic of CP armies, our army has quite a few base servers in CPO! For information on that, please click Here .
CP Army business does not affect those of you who are not in armies. You are still free to go to whichever server you like in CPO. And even if you are a member of Help Force (a CP Army), you may still go wherever you please when you are not doing army business.

You might be interested in knowing more about Help Force battles. Occasionally Help Force invades other armies’ servers and/or we defend our base server from those to dare to challenge us. We work together to burn the heart out of our enemies. Help Force is currently the biggest Non-Sponsored CP Army. Some armies are sponsored by CPO staff and members of some of these Sponsored Armies get coins in CPO. But we are better than them. We are more than just a bunch of people paid to get together. We have heart. We have spirit. We have trust. We have optimism. And we have perseverance. It is because of these qualities that we were able to go from zero to what we are today. We have struggled and not only did we survive, we lived on. Today we have over 1300 members, and many of us are very devoted to Help Force’s cause. We constantly recruit because we need active and loyal members. And it is because of every one of our contributions that we remain one of the strongest and most united CP armies to date. We are not a Cult. We are an Army. And we are a family.

The world of CP Armies is a rather complex, but fun thing to explore. It has a deep history. Help Force is your right choice if you want to join an army. We’re always prepared to win our battles, and as I’ve said above, we are always ready to welcome you. We’re one of the most, if not THE most hospitable CP army around. We are ready to give to you, and we hope that you are also ready to give back. But at the end of the day, if you join, you’re the one who gains, because our lovely community will keep you entertained. Just drop in and talk to us in our Discord server. You’ll see.

This comes to the end of this post! Yes it was pretty long but we hope you learnt alot about the HF Army and we hope to see you soon! Waddle on!!

P.S. “Moooooo” ~Spotty, One of the Leaders of the Help Force, 2019

This post was made by Solar and Jayden : )

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