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Club Penguin Army Warfare has been around since at least 2006 where battles would be between different colored penguins where you would just choose a color and go with it by throwing snowballs at the other penguins. Since then armies were formed and then tactics were discovered. Strategies were thrown together to discover which army was more clever than the other. For many years this has been the way to battle. Today I will teach you, the new generation of soldiers of HF CPO – How to Battle.

Welcome to How to Battle 101 taught by none other than yours truly, the one and only, Shad.

There are many different ways to battle as I am sure most of you are aware. You can throw snowballs, toot in other penguin’s faces, tell jokes and make them laugh to death, insult the other army, and so on. Today I will tell you how to do this strategically.

First, you need to make Sure you pay attention to the one calling commands as it won’t always be your leader. Pay attention to what they tell you to do. First thing they will probably have you do is get in a formation.

A formation can be anywhere between a straight line, X Formations , a letter formation, a circle, parallel lines, scattered, etc. It can be any kind of formation they say. So pay attention to what kind of formation you are doing.

One thing they can tell you to do once in formation is insults which could be typing and entering or wait to enter to time it exactly with everyone. If this is the case then this is what you will do :
The “Leader” will tell you to type, for instance we will use this line, “AYAN OWNS”. So they will tell you to enter that and DO NOT PRESS ENTER. Once everyone has it typed they will then
Β Count down. Once they hit 3 get ready to press enter then they will say “ENTER”. At that time press enter and it will look a little something like this:

Next tactic we will go over is the famous Joke bomb. A joke bomb is where you tell jokes over and over and over to punish the enemy with laughter. The way you do it is the leader will have everyone get in a formation of some type then countdown.
On 3 , switch to CP and press J while running out of formation all over the screen rapidly pressing J.

With this said, while in a formation the leader will say one of the following:

Above is the list of commands. When it says E+3 or something like that it means you press those at the same time. Normally you will stay in formation when you do it. They will always countdown from 3 so you know when to press it so you will do it all together.

Thank you for Reading How to Battle 101

“Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt” – Sun Tzu

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