GoTW #141

Working hard on his way to Staff, Master Yoda just won his third and amazing Gamer of The Week title! He now successfully earned his GoTW Specialist Role! He has shown his true potential <3 Yoda will most likely be in chat every day chatting and having fun and everyone just loves his energy 😀 Well done, Yoda! I know you have more great things to accomplish!!

GoTW #139

Here we go again and this week we congratulate Master Yoda for winning his, not first… but SECOND Gamer of the Week title! Now, ain’t that amazing 😀 Yoda isn’t just a dedicated troop, he is also part of the Junior Staff team, loves to lead in events and is an amazing recruiter! He is polite and friendly and I am certain he will get the GoTW Specialist title in no time! Best of luck, Yoda!