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ZIPLINE, Help Force Capital – The leadership is proud to announce that the war between HF, WV, IW and TCP against SWAT ended yesterday with our VICTORY! After many invasions that SWAT tried to ignore, and others in which we helped other armies to win, our enemies broke the war terms, therefore forfeiting the conflict.

A few days ago, SWAT attempted to pull out of the war by “surrendering” to Strawhats, an army that is just an extension of SWAT. It took a few days of discussion but eventually the CPA admins declared unanimously that our enemies has broken our war terms. As this was clearly an engineered situation to get out of the war, all their remaining land will now be shared between the four winning armies.

We would like to thank Water Vikings, Ice Warriors and Templars for the support, as well as any Helper that fought for the Motherland in this war! The victory wouldn’t be possible without all of our members and staff’s efforts. Special thanks to our wonderful designers, Winter Storm and Sharky, and meme creators!



– Force Treaty –


I. All contents of this treaty are to be active for three months (December 11th, 2022)
II. Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT) admits total defeat in the war against the Water Vikings (WV), Templars of Club Penguin (TCP), Help Force (HF), and Ice Warriors (IW). This announcement must be in the SWAT main discord server, be visible and accessible to all SWAT troops, and pinged with @everyone. This message cannot be deleted as long as this treaty is active.
III. All servers previously invaded by members of the AA will remain under the control of those who invaded them.
IV. The following servers controlled by SWAT will be transferred to the Help Force
a. HF will gain control of 123, 124, and 109
V. SWAT will be barred from declaring war on, raiding, or allying HF. Should this term in particular be broken, the invasion will be deemed invalid, alongside article VIII being invoked.
VI. Should SWAT attempt to merge or rebrand with/into any army, the above terms will remain in effect for said merged or rebranded army.
VII. Should SWAT shut down and reopen, this treaty will remain in effect for the newly reopened SWAT
VIII. Should SWAT break any of the above terms, the treaty is to be renewed for an added three months, and any servers under control of SWAT will be transferred to the AA, which will then be divided up by the respective alliance members
IX. Should AA rename or otherwise reform between these armies within the allotted time of this treaty, all power enforced by the AA is to be transferred to the new alliance.
X. Should Ganger90 attend an event for WV, TCP, HF, and IW, wearing the “Clown Hair” (!ai 474), “Clown Suit” (!ai 247), “Red Nose” (!ai 2112) and “Clown Shoes” (!ai 354), and repeat every 2 minutes “SWAT IS MID”, the terms of the treaty can be brought to negotiation. However, this will not guarantee changes to the treaty. Events for all four members of AA must be attended.


Help Force Best Force

Declaration of War against SWAT

You will reap what you sow

As of this moment, Help Force officially declares war on SWAT. SWAT has been unnecessarily provoking Help Force, and claiming that we have behaved aggressively towards them. We will not turn a blind eye towards these and other groundless accusations.

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