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Howdy Helpers…Well well well wasn’t this such an awesome event!
We all logged on to Club Penguin Rewritten – Zipline where everyone was so excited for this day followed by a Trivia Game. The event was lead by Ayan where we waddle around to different rooms around the Island. The Trivia had 3 rounds which were related to:

        • Club Penguin
        • Help Force
        • Miscellaneous questions followed by bonus rounds. 

The Trivia was conducted by all the staff where the competitiveness just leads to a lot of fun and laughter. Noticing this being one of the wonderful instances of how the troops bond with each other making it cherishable 💖

And OF COURSEE.. It ended with everyone screaming their names out of CPR screens so have a glance at it below! 

MAX: 66+

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