Howdy Ghosts and Skeletons! Today we logged onto CPR for the last event of ’21 HF’s Halloween Theme Week! Hope you enjoyed the fun tactics, a branch battle between the two teams, and a treasure hunt at the end! Everyone wore their best spooky outfits and had a great time at this huge party! Thank you everyone for leading and Scorp for organizing it!

MAX: 22+

Comment below if you came to the party!

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Salutations Folks! Today we logged onto CPR for an intense battle against Help Force’s mortal enemies – Ketchup Krusaders. We fought well led by ROOBOO, Scorp, Diwix and Wynn and beat the disgusting Ketchup once and for all! No more weird cookies are allowed in the server! Thank you all for coming!

MAX: 47+

Comment below if you attended the battle!

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