Yesterday, we held a fun event where we went to the mines to play a life-or-death quiz game. Snowflake asked us multiple choice questions, where we moved to a different side of the room to pick an answer. It was a really fun event and we now all know that Snowflake loves odd milk toppings. Comment below if you attended!

Max: 24+

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On Wednesday, we logged onto Club Penguin Armies Battleground to conduct some intense formation training. With the diligent staff team timing how long it took to make various formations, we managed to speed up our formation-making to the next level. With this newfound speed, we can definitely beat the Water Vikings in Ausia Arena! Make sure to comment if you attended!

Max: 17+

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Animal Interview – Snowflake❄Soft1

Hey Helpers! Welcome to another post of the Animal Interview, in which I interview the Helpers about their pets and get to know more about them!

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On Tuesday, we logged onto Club Penguin Armies Battlegrounds to dress up as ancient Romans. We got into some nice formations with Snowflake and Niko bombarding us with glorious tactics. After the event, we relaxed in vc and watched THE GLADIATOR! Make sure to comment below if you attended!

Max: 17+

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Greetings coconut Consumers! Today we logged on CPABattleground, Stadium for an Invasion event, where we did wonderful tactics and forms in the Snow Forts led by Yoda and our personal Leader and Trainer DesireusThanks to everyone who attended this Invasion, hope to see you in future events Comrades! :DD

Max: 23+

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Hey lovelies! Today we logged on CPABattleground, Stadium for an army training event. We did some amazing tactics and forms led by Beasto and Thuanthaijo in the Iceberg. Big thanks Snowflake for the wonderful VC lead, and thanks to everyone who attended this training event! Till the next time :DDD

Max: 15+

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Food for Every Soul

Hello Helpers! Welcome back to another edition of Food for Every Soul by myself, Mayathefirst! In this series I interview people from the Help Force about their favorite and famous recipes. For this post, I decided to interview the loveable, sincere, strong, full of enegry and laughter, one of my very close friends, and the milk loving HF Admiral: Snowflake!

Food for Every Soul » The Help Force

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Hey lads! Today we all logged onto Server – Ascent in the game for another pretty fun Christmas themed event in our advent-week made especially for the holiday season. We all dressed up mainly in either Santa Hats or Elf Hats for the event, which was led by Mandal, Plotter, Snowflake, Desireus and Scorp. With tons of Xmas and holiday season related tactics, even ones on Santa Hats and Elf ones, it was a fun filled one with many tactics and forms! Hope you all are enjoying the advent-week in Help Force a lot!

Max: 22+

Comment below if you attended the event!


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Hello Lovely Helpers! Today we logged on Ascent of Club Penguin Rewritten for a Practice Battle with our Brother Allies Army of Club penguin. We did some amazing tactics and formations in the Night Club, Stage and Ice rink led by RU, Snow and Phoenix! Then it was followed by a Club Penguin Trivia led by both armies Staff! Thank you all for attending 😀 Hope to see you in the next one

MAX: 18+

Comment below if you attended!


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Greeeetings Helpers! Today we once again logged onto Ascent of Club Penguin Rewritten to have our propeller cap event. Everyone got into their new propeller caps as we soar through the island doing various tactics through Town, Iceberg, Stadium and finally ended at the Cove. Huge thanks to Rooboo, Maya, Snowflake, Mandal and Desireus for leading throughout today’s event! Thank you to all who attended as well, see ya’ll next time!

Max: 25+

Send a comment below if you attended!

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