Hello there Folks!! Today we logged on to CPR Zipline, with our mops for the event! The event went amazing as we went around the island cleaning the Town, Gift Shop, Pizza Parlor, Dojo. A great deal of tactics were led by Ayan and Mandal. Thank you all for coming to the event, Hoping to see you all in the next one!

MAX: 44+

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[AUSIA] Mops Unleashed

Howdy, Helpers! Back again with our mops and buckets on CPRewritten, server Zipline! Because it was time for spring cleaning, Aoao, Swager, Amy and Barnito led the mopping gang around the island where we practised various tactics and formations! All in all, we made some new friends as well! Hope you all enjoyed today’s event! You were all great! Thank you for attending!

Max: 49+

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