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Hey Helpers! Today we logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten for the Defense of Jackhammer, unfortunately we lost even though we put on a good show. Thank you Vedant, Nell, Maya and Snowy for leading, and to you all for attending!

MAX: 31+

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Hello Comrades! Today Help Force logged on to CPRewritten with the Vengeance alliance for our defense of Jackhammer. However, due to the absence of judges, Silver Empire’s invasion was rendered invalid and we decided to have some fun instead. After a brief training led by Sanya and Jayden, we moved on to an amazing igloo raid! The event was a huge success, a huge thanks to everyone who attended and to Jayden for leading.

Make sure to comment your Discord name and army rank below if you attended this event! 

MAX: 29+ 

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Hello Lovely Help Force Tonight Help Force had another glorious victory We logged on to CPRewritten, Marshmallow and invaded Ice Pack a server held by the Silver Empire. We vanquish the Silvers and tore another piece of their territory and marked it our own. Thank you to our beloved allies Army of Club Penguin and The Red Ravagers & a Special Gratitude to Today’s Leaders over this sensational victory Maya, Snowy & Wynn.

Congratulations to everyone on invading Ice Pack.

Max: 25+

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Hello Lovely Help Force Today we Help Force logged on to CPRewritten with our brothers from the Army of Club Penguin and Red Ravagers and successfully invaded Snow Angel, a server belonged to our enemies the Silver Empire. The Battle was led by Sanya, Scorp and Diwix.
Thank you to all who participated and congratulations Help Force on another astounding victory.

MAX 32+

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! Today we logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten, Ascent for PIÑA COLADA event on Overtime Day Which started COPACABANA Song the lead singer was the lovely Ru who hosted the Voice Call party with AbsoluteTrash123, even though Elp was not physically present his mad impact on us Helpers handed some captivating tactics led by Nell, Jayden and Joe.
We started the Dance at Town moved to Snow Forts, and finished at Stadium.
Thank You All for Attending .

MAX: 40+

Comment below for promotions!

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‘Juanita Day’ Gallery – From the Beginning to the End!

Three magical words have waited for every two weeks at our Home the Server of HF, To Treasure, yours, and our memories at Help Force throughout months and years to come ofJuanita DaysThis Gallery is here to Stay, Old or New ​Find Your Share ^^.

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