End of the Year Awards 2021 [VOTING]

This year went by in a flash and it feels like yesterday we were here voting for last year’s awards. As time goes by, our collection of memories expands. We are pleased to look back on our achievements, we learn from our mistakes and look ahead with hope. Every month brought us something new, from spectacular battles and hilarious takeovers to war declarations and dramas. Many people left and new ones joined but everyone had their personal impact on our community. At the end of the day, we have many important moments to commemorate and a lot of people to thank. It is now the time to vote for the best ones. We proudly present to you The Help Force End of the Year Awards for 2021.

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[INT] Ball Cap Takeover

Howdy Folks! Today we logged onto CPR for another fun event! We wore blue ball caps and did a bunch of amazing tactics at Stadium, Iceberg, and Beach led by Amy, Snowy, Nell, and Slush! Thanks, you all for coming, it was an amazing event, keep up the good work!

Max: 48+


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