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Hey there Penguin!

Welcome to the Help Force Army of Club Penguin. The Help Force is one of the Largest Armies . We were formed in March 2018, and our aim is to help Penguins get Stamps in-game, host Fun In-game Tournaments and of course have Huge Events in CP.

The joining process consists of two-steps:

  1. Fill out the form given below
  2. After filling the form, go to https://discord.gg/bKJeFXX
  3. and join our chat. Once you’re in the chat, just say “I Joined” and we will review your form!
Will you be active?(required)

After filling the form above ^ Click the button:

42 Responses

  1. how can i feed a puff?

  2. my nem is Edouard and am frensh an a play cpo it 10 year

  3. nice

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  9. i am in???

  10. Joined for yours

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  12. I joined 🙂

  13. I joined.

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  15. kool

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  17. how can i get free stamps???

  18. I joined! 😉

  19. how to join helpforce


  21. hi

  22. how to get card jistu snow. it is showing that it is coming soon

  23. sup i joined

  24. What can I do here?

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  26. How do i join??

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