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Welcome to the Help Force Army of Club Penguin. The Help Force is one of the Largest Armies . We were formed in March 2018, and our aim is to help Penguins get Stamps in-game, host Fun In-game Tournaments and of course have Huge Events in CP.

The joining process consists of two-steps:

  1. Fill out the form given below
  2. After filling the form, go to
  3. and join our chat. Once you’re in the chat, just say “I Joined” and we will review your form!
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After filling the form above ^ Click the button:

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  1. how can i feed a puff?

  2. my nem is Edouard and am frensh an a play cpo it 10 year

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  17. how can i get free stamps???

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  19. how to join helpforce


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  22. how to get card jistu snow. it is showing that it is coming soon

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  24. What can I do here?

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  26. How do i join??

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