How to Recruit

Hey Helpers, A Recruitment Event is when we form Groups and say facts and stuff about the Help Force to people so that they join in and Enjoy with us ! Here’s a Guide which would tell you many ways to recruit people from Club Penguin.
[ This Guide depends on the CPPS we’re using , Current CPPSCPR ]

Note : It is Advisable to use an Alt for Recruiting in CPR , Also do not Spam Lines and Do not look like a Bot.


Group Recruiting

This is one of the most Common and Easy ways to Recruit new people in CPR. The Basic concept behind this is that when a Recruitment Event / Segment begins, The Moderators hosting it would divide you into Groups. They then would lead you into Rooms which are Popular [ Do not Recruit in Town , It’s prone that you’ll get banned if you recruit there ]. After going in the rooms , The Algorithm for Recruiting should be :

  1. Start with saying Recruitment Lines [ For Ex. Look up Help Force CP and Join ! ] and Dance along. Some advisable Recruitment Lines are given at the end of the Page, But make sure to be creative and not Spam the same thing

    1st Stage -> Recruitment Lines

  2. After a while when people have noticed about it, Go to those who seem to show a little bit of interest and Ask them if they want to join.
  3. Mostly, You would not get a Positive Response, But do not lose Hope. Instead, Keep telling them about Help Force ; It’s Mascot Trackers, Free Stamps, etc. and keep saying ” Just look up Help Force CP and Join ! ” or any such Rec Phrase.

    Recruiting by Talking

  4. After about 15 Minutes, Change the Room for a new set of Public.

Notes : Do NOT use Words like “Search” , “Google” , “Discord” or any such Direct Word for Recruiting, It would automatically Ban/Mute you. Instead of that you CAN use words like “Goggle” , “Diskord” , “Look Up”.

Rooms which are advised to use : Gold Mine, Plaza, EPF, Docks, Forest, Mine, etc.

Keep a Check on your Recruiting Partners if you can see their messages or not. If they got Muted, Their Messages won’t show up and they would have to Relog ! Let them know , Ping them in Discord if they’re afk for more than 5 Minutes.

Stamp Recruiting

This method is sometimes more effective than group recruiting when the servers are busy. The Basic Concept behind this is to Recruit Penguins while helping them Gain Stamps. Stamp Recruiting works in Help Force during Stamp Segments. The Algorithm to gain recruits while Stamp Segments is :

  1. As soon as the Segment begins, Ask Penguins around you in a Busy place if they need Stamps. Ask them in Groups for stamps, There always are penguins needy for that.
  2. When you get one, Take them to wherever the stamp is supposed to be accomplished, In the meantime you’re helping them let them know about Help Force and that this all is included in Help Force. [ For Ex. ” We do all of these kind of Stamps in Help Force you know ” ]
  3. After you’re successful in the Stamp Mission, Do a Group Recruitment Phrase [ Look up Help Force CP and Join ] , [ Join Help Force CP for such stamps ].

    Igloo Stamp Recruiting

Discord Recruiting

If the Servers are not busy, Moderators would switch the Segment to a Discord Recruitment. Your Main aim in this should be not to piss the user you’re DMing and Convince them to join Help Force. Again, It is advisable to use a Discord Alt during this and informing the Moderator what your alt is.
You should try to include stuff like Event Pictures , or any kind of Help Force Art in your Recruitment on Discord.

Discord Recruitment Example

Note : Sending the Link directly pisses off the discord user. So it’s advisable to describe them about Help Force, It’s Events, Mascot Tracking, etc. and at the end ask them if they’re interested in joining it.

Some Recruitment Phrases : [ It’s not mandatory to use these, Be Creative ]

  • Look up Help Force CP and Join !
  • Want Free Stamps?
  • Mascot Tracking in Help Force CP !
  • Look for Help Force CP, Free Stamps !
  • Goggle Help Force CP and tag along !
  • Click the Websiteee and Join the Diskord !
  • Make New Friends in Help Force CP !

~ Unleash the Power of Helping !