How to Battle 101 || A Tutorial by Shad

Shad’s Office~

Club Penguin Army Warfare has been around since at least 2006 where battles would be between different colored penguins where you would just choose a color and go with it by throwing snowballs at the other penguins. Since then armies were formed and then tactics were discovered. Strategies were thrown together to discover which army was more clever than the other. For many years this has been the way to battle. Today I will teach you, the new generation of soldiers of HF CPO – How to Battle.

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The Easiest Approach To Tipping The Iceberg.

Hey there readers, As you all probably know, the iceberg can be tipped. But, it can take a lot of penguins to do so. Here, I will tell you the easiest way to tip the iceberg. Enjoy! 

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Mascots Guide !

Hey there Helpers , Im pretty sure many of you are interested and curious about How exactly to find Mascots and get those Special items !
Well, then this blog will help you with that.
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CPOnline Guide: Earn Coins Quickly!

Running low on coins? Don’t fear, there’s plenty of ways to get that number up again. There is no instant way to earn coins, but with the methods in this guide, you’re guaranteed to earn coins in the quickest known way possible!

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