[EU] Massive CPR Training

Hey Helpers! On Wednesday, Help Force logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten to have another Massive CPR Training!

The event went great! With Spotty leading the event manage to garner 30+ penguins and trained plenty of Helpers how events work! The event was a great success! Here are pics of it;

MAX: 30+

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[EU] Massive Fun Event

Hey Helpers! On Sunday the 19th, Help Force logged onto CPR for a short tactic opening, before switching to CPATG for a fashion show!

The event was led by Spotty, who did an amazing job at hosting a fun fashion show and doing some great tactics! During the tactics, we even helped people earn the Go Blue! Stamp. Here are some pics of this fun event;

MAX: 28+

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[CPATG] Cow Invasion Of Ice Bank

Hey Helpers! Today, we donned a cow uniform in honor of our lovely leader Spotty, and logged into CPATG to invade the Ice Bank server!

Led by Ayan, we managed to successfully invade Ice Bank! Unlike the other invasions this week, the army who owned the server showed up to defend it. Langly and the Cosmic army showed up to defend it, however Help Force’s 25+ penguins managed to defeat them with ease. That doesn’t mean the Cosmics didn’t put up a fight! After the successful invasion, we moved on to CPR to earn the Dance Party stamps! This time, the leader was Spotty, and we managed to have a great dance party, and earn all the the Go Color stamps! Here are pics of the event;

MAX: 25+

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[AUSIA] Dance Party

Hey Helpers! Today, Tuesday the 14th, Help Force logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten for an Ausia Dance Party!

Today’s event was the first to be led by two of Help Force’s mods, Swagger and Barnito! They led great for their first time, and hope to have the pleasure of more training to perfect their leading skills. The event managed to max 17+ penguins, and went quite well! Here are some pictures of the event;

MAX: 17+

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[US] Huge Army Event

Hey Helpers! On Wednesday, Help Force logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten for a Huge Army Event!

The event went great! Led by both Lottie and Moon, the event made great use of bombs and rooms not commonly used! It managed to max 35+ after a great Pre-Event recruited 10 new Helpers! Here are some pics of this event;

MAX: 35+

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Practice Battle – HF vs ACP

Hey Helpers! Today, we logged onto CPR – Sleet and had a lovely practice battle against our allies ACP!


After hours of recruiting to prepare for the event, we had recruited enough to max 35+ in our practice battle against ACP. Not only was the event spectacular, we won it! The final score ended up being 30! It was an amazing battle ACP, thanks for battling with us! Here are some pics of this amazing event;

MAX: 35+

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[EU] CPR Training

Hey Helpers! Today, January 10th, Help Force logged onto CP Rewritten to have an EU Training!

The event went great for a new time, with us maxing around 25 penguins! It was quite experimental, with us testing out some new tactics and bombs! Here are some pics of the event;

MAX: 25+

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[US] Red Penguin Take Over

Hey Helpers! On Thursday, Help Force logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten for the US Red Penguin Take Over!

The event went quite well, maxing just over 30 penguins all glamorously styled in the color red! Help force even helped some people earn the Go Red! stamp, as well as the Game On! stamp! Here are a few pics of the event;

Max: 30+

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What To Do During Stampcruitment Segments

Hey Helpers! Stampcruitment Segments are something our creator Ayan introduced upon our moving to CPATG. I’m sure there’s some confusion surrounding what they are, what you should do, and how they’re beneficial! 
I’m here to clear that all up for you.
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Face Of The Force – Strength

Hey Helpers! Welcome to this week’s second Face Of The Force!
As I told you before, I’m doing another one to make up for the lack of them. Next week Face Of The Force should return to the normal schedule (At least until Christmas break)!
Not every member has to be in the Force for ages to be important. Sometimes you can join and become someone worth looking up to almost instantly. This is the case with our current Face; Strength!
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