GoTW #79

Congrats to Mintea for a second win of GoTW!

GoTW #78

Congrats to Krebi for working hard and earning GoTW!

GoTW #77 – Roxy

Hey Helpers! This week’s GoTW has been decided as Roxy! Congrats to Roxy for all her hard work!

GoTW #76 – monika

Hey Helpers! It’s time again for GoTW! This week’s Gamer is monika! Congrats!


Invasion Of Northern Lights

Hey Helpers! Today we invaded Northern Lights, in which nobody showed up to defend.

MAX : 42+

Comment if you attended!

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War Declaration On ACP

Help Force has decided that we can not stay on the sidelines any longer.

Disclaimer: This post includes strong language


With all the on goings in the community, we are picking our side. We’ve stayed neutral as long as we have due to not being able to choose a side. The decision was hard, but the things ACP have said about us are unforgivable.

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[US] Stamp Heist

Today we logged onto CPR to earn some stamps!

Max: 32


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Battle Against OMA

Hey Helpers! On Thursday we logged onto CPR to have our tournament battle against OMA!

Max: 38+

Weekly Reflection

Week In Review

[ 3/29 – 4/04]


This week has been a great week full of battles and invasions! Keep up the great work helpers, and lets try to increase our max!

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Hey Helpers! 

Today we logged onto CPR for the CPAM Premier League Tournament and had our battle against PZF in which we won 3-0!

MAX: 31+


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