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Get To Know Your Staff – Thuanthaijo

Hello guys! YES I am back with another interview just for you!! This is the blog where I interview the amazing staff of our server so we could know more about them! This week I interviewed the awesome and the tasty Thuanthaijo. He is one of the current the Commander in HF. So, what are we waiting for? Let us all welcome Jo!!!

Hey there Jo! How you are doing today?

I am tasty

Oo nice! Can you start by telling us when did you join the Help Force? And how?

I joined the Help Force in January 2022 when Choco recruited me to try and win GoTW

Ah that’s nice! Did Choco win his GOTW?

No he missed an event and didn’t get it

Oh damn I see… So do you have any favorite moments in HF?

When Choco was convicted for cannibalism in a trial

Oo that’s very interesting. Who do you consider your closest friends in the Community?

Definitely Choco, Jo2, Playfulbears, and Hero9343

Oh thats nice… Has there been any events so far which you consider as a favorite?

Probably the Romanian spelling bee event

Yeah that was fun! So if you had the chance to change something in HF (which you can) what would it be?

I would ban all bald people

Is there any specific reason for that?

Bald people have a hairline shorter than Roxy’s height. We can’t allow that

Hahahha… Alright now besides HF do you have any hobbies or interests?

Mostly programming and gaming

Oh that’s nice!! So what is your dream job? And why?

I want to become a programmer because I like coding

Sounds very interesting and we are sure you will get it! Now if you had 2 tickets to go to your favorite sports match/concert who would you take there with you? 

That requires going outside so I would burn down Choco’s house and take Choco to watch extreme firefighting. My favourite sports team is the west coast eagles because I am very biased

Oo amazing!! Where do you see your self in the next 5 years??

I see myself being a big boy with a big boy job wearing big boy shoes while riding a big boy car

Lastly is there anything you want to say to our amazing readers?

Make sure to clean your room at least twice a decade to ensure that it is cleaner than racoco’s trash can

Thank you JO!!

Well that’s it for today folks!! I hope you enjoyed reading todays blog! Remember to leave a like if you enjoyed reading or if you’re going to help Jo with his arson!! Now I’m gonna go and annoy someone else… Until then take care! Signing out for now I’ll cya guys next week!

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