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The Dynasty House – Scorpion Demon

Hello lovely people! Today’s Dynasty House post is definitely a special one, as I will be presenting to you the interview I did with one of the amazing former HF staff members, Scorpion Demon. Everyone relax and enjoy reading, cause this one is going to be a long ride!!!

Scorpion Demon joined the Help Force in 2021 after being kidnapped by Elp’s chaos. Ayan further baited him in with the promise of curry, after stamps didn’t work on the superior Elites 8th gen warrior. He went on to make lots of friends in the Help Force. Following his stellar activity and contributions, he joined the staff team and reached 2ic before retiring. Apart from being a staff member in Help Force, Scorp also helps out with graphic design, and was the Website Head for majority of his tenure as a staff member. He continued to contribute to the website even after retiring, until he finally had to give up his position due to irl commitments. He is currently an active member of the Club Penguin Armies league, the organization that oversees all the armies of our community. Read the Interview to find out more about him!

Hello Scorp, how you been doing? :DDD

I’m doing great, wbu

I’m doing amazing ty, can you start by telling us when did you enter the Help Force mines? and how were you recruited?

I used to work as a reporter in CPAL, and CPAM, led by Ayan, was our rival organization. That’s how I first heard the name Ayan. When CPAL and CPAM merged to form CPAH, I saw him around a bit doing admin stuff but he retired pretty soon, supposedly to “focus on studies”.
Two months later, LuciferStar introduced me to an online game called AtWar. He made me join a public game lobby with Ayan himself. I was like wtf this guy left armies to focus on studies and he’s playing an online war simulator 🤣 That’s when we first became friends. Then he went inactive again, “to study”.
Fast forward to 2021, Ayan tried to recruit one of my alts into HF. We shared a similar method of working, and I was leading a small army called the Red Ravagers. We planned to go to war with the much larger Silver Empire, who had betrayed our trust by stealing our members. For an army that maxes 15-20 on average, even one member lost is a huge deal. Through talks with Ayan, I set up a plan to ally HF and RR and go to war against SE, and the rest is history. Of course, the Silver Empire backed out like cowards the moment HF stepped in.
During the war, I experienced the chaotic yet fun environment HF thrives in, and the strong work ethic that Ayan displayed. I was tired of the Red Ravagers and their constant vacation mode, so I decided to quit and join HF over the summer. I joined as a commodore and quickly rose through the ranks, becoming a General within a month.

What are the things you found enjoyable in HF that you didn’t find in RR as a staff?

Red Ravagers was a vacation compared to the other armies I’ve been in. The Elites and the Army of Club Penguin were both major powers with lots of members putting in efforts to create a fun environment for everyone while also having decent stats and the ability to defend against enemies. Meanwhile, RR was only dedicated for fun and chaos with almost minimal focus on growth. Even when members were being stolen, they could do nothing until I called in a favour and HF stepped in. So basically it was fun, I made friends there but it wasn’t really much of an army.
Help Force was different. Here, the main thing I loved was the family environment that we had. Everyone was fiercely loyal to each other and to the army. While our levels of chaos and fun were far greater than any other army at that time, so was the work output! During the war, HF even placed #1 on the top ten purely due to efforts. Plus, everyone in HF is Indian so it was a huge win to move here 🤣

How did you become a Dynasty in the Help Force?

Uh.. the Dynasty role is given to Staff members who have contributed significantly to the Help Force after retirement. I contributed more than significantly, and retired at some point so I got it ig?

Who do you consider your closest friends in the HF Community?

In no particular order, I’m close with Ayan, Ru, Desireus, Amy, Elp, Wynn, Snowy, Rooboo, Delitager, Nightfury, Stemv, Diwix, Maya, and many others whom I used to be close with, but lost touch with them due to irl or them being inactive or many other reasons. I wouldn’t say I’m friends with the entire community, I’m very picky when it comes to making friends, but there’s a lot of people in the community whom I respect for their work such as Joe, Jayden, Barnell, etc. (Sorry if I missed out on anyone I haven’t slept since 2 days)

Do you have any favorite moment/memory in the Community? if so, can you share it with us?

My top favourite memory in HF would definitely be stepping up my leadership game after the Help Force lost an AUSIA battle to the Silver Empire during Silver Rush 2.0! After the loss, me and Ayan worked together to absolutely destroy the enemies of our glorious gracious motherland in every single battle from that point onwards. Other favourite memories include desi music vc nights, Unwind festivals with Ru, HF Cafe, cough farming cough plans with Stemv and Ru, overtime?? day celebrations, Elp’s chaos, and war room planning with Snowy and Wynn during the Redout era.

Outside of the Club Penguin cults, what other hobbies do you have?

I’m in a college band, I play guitar/drums and also sing sometimes. I’m also into Graphic Design. I love reading books and writing, I recently returned to the Club Penguin Army league as an Editor. My biggest hobby is programming, which I hope to turn into a career as I’m currently pursuing my degree. I also love nature, especially birdwatching!

What music you like to play the most whether as an instrument or singing?

For guitar, I’m mostly into Rock, Hard Rock and Metal. Recently, I also started meddling around with Progressive Rock. Same goes for vocals.

You mentioned that your biggest hobby is programming, What inspired you to be a programmer? and which programming section you hope to work at in the future?

There wasn’t really any inspiration as per se, I had it as a subject in 7th grade and found out I was good at it. My current goal is to work in the creative aspect of development, I’m mostly interested in app development, and website frontend and backend dev. I also indulge in UI/UX design.

If you had a chance to become a Commander in the Help Force right now, what changes/new ideas would you add?

Help Force has always been an isolated, family oriented army with a goal of providing a fun environment for its community. While I appreciate that sentiment, we cannot change the fact that we are an army.
In this game, we are meant to engage in conflicts. We are meant to forge connections, form alliances and give our all to create an empire that dominates over others. The true nature of this community, is a matter of great debate and large editorials which I will not delve into.
IF I ever got the chance to become a Commander, I would shift the focus towards growth as an ARMY, while keeping the old traditions of being a FAMILY alive to the best of my abilities. As someone who has been in multiple armies with varied types of cultures, I think I have an unique view of what a perfect army is like.
The machine-like flawless mechanism of RPF, the aggression and eagerness demonstrated by TCP, the family environment and chaotic fun in HF, and the superior teamwork and bonding of the Elites staff – I think I would aim to integrate all these qualities into whatever army I lead, not just HF.

Would you like to say some final words to end this interview?

Elp is the greatest :elpisthegreatest~1:

Thank you for reading this amazing post, hope you enjoyed it and make sure to comment below if you did! Till next time

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