Office Inspection: Snowy

Snowy’s Office to some is a trend and to some is reality. What you don’t know is that this office in particular has went through a lot. From Snowy trying to clean her office to the admins chaotically ruining it for her. Not only that, but the office has also been through sale and finally has been burned down. With Snowy’s retirement, I’ll be talking you through scenes of some of the incidents that have happened through the journey of the long-gone Snowy’s Office. Will it ever come back? That’s the question we all want the answer for.

Yoda: And we are here where that famous office is! Hey Snowy would you mind giving us a short tour?

Snowy: Hi Yoda, welcome to my office! Let me show you around. The first thing you’ll notice when you walk in is that the door is missing. This is because Desireus and Maya keep stealing it, no matter how many locks I put on it. I ordered a new one but I think they stole the package it came in

Oh no! what were you doing on cold winter nights?

I usually light a fire in the fireplace, ironically, with the pieces of the door left behind It keeps the office nice and warm and the cats really like it too

To the right we have my desk, it’s where I write tactics and lists of visitors to be banned. I keep some snacks in it, like chocolate and cookies, but no coconuts because Des steals those when he comes for the door

Was your office always go in and out?

It was actually

You can see this is how staff threat their commander! You must be worried about cat’s psychology

The cats are much more important than all of the staff combined, they’re secretly what keeps HF going behind the scenes

Speaking about cats, next up is the cat stuff, you can see they have a few beds, a litterbox, a food bowl, and a bunch of sapphires to play with. The leftover sapphires from banned people usually end up in here

Next we have this stack of newspapers, which are old editions of the Beacon. I use them as kindling when there’s not enough door parts to light the fireplace. The fireplace you see here is brand new, since the old one started a fire and partially burned down the staff kitchen. Not that there was much to burn in the first place but still

Interesting I thought staff weren’t getting food. What was that kitchen for?

I’m not sure but it’s definitely not for food. I heard they keep outfits from older events in there I actually have a fridge in my office but it’s filled with bubble tea

Then we shouldn’t let the staff hear about bobas haha! Do you have anything interesting to show us?

I only have one thing left to show you, the ban hammer. I polish it daily and keep it in a place easy to access, because I use it about a dozen times a day

Since you are not a commander anymore what are you using ban hammer for?

Oh… just in case

We can say its a cool protection against Desireus! Thanks for arranging your time Snowy.

Thank you for having me!

Here is my rating:

Safety: 4/10

History: 10/10

Purpose: 8/10

Chaos: 10/10

Overall: 8



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