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Welcome to Spill The Tea! A column full of jokes, gossip, and entertainment! The fifth edition of this column, hosted by Delitager, brings Maya to the spotlight.

So this week we are interviewing the one and only Maya! She’s currently a staff member in Help Force. Read this post to get to know more about her!

Hey Maya! How have you been?

Hello Deli, I am good, hbu?

I am good ty! So when and how did you join Help Force?

I joined HF in May 2020, I actually saw them doing an event and decided to see what was going on

Long time, can you tell us what are the cool things that you have experienced in Help Force?

Lol, I would say all the battles, tournaments I’ve been in, and probably with getting to being staff, to help with those and other behind the scenes things. Also prob the US chaos that happen

Amazing, I expected you to say chaos, this is where the fun starts. Why did you replace Snowy as your twin?

I- what you mean replace her? I didn’t replace her, she’s still my twin even if she doesn’t give us food to eat

Sure, you totally didn’t replace her with Mantiuxx. What is the location of the secret coconut plantation that you and Desi own?

I cannot disclose that information or Des would probably kill me.

This column is called Spill The Tea for a reason.

Uhhh true, but Des is the one that made the building and is the one that started this coconut chaos
I just followed and throw them at the junior staff

Where is the building?

Uhh possibly in the basement of HF that no one knows about and where all the other food is located and hidden from staff and junior staff or it could prob be on an island far far away

Great, now that I know, I will blow up that place after this interview, anyway, Why did you steal the door to Snowy’s office?

Wow- uhh because we got bored one night and so Des, Snowflake, Plotter, Ally and me decided it would be smart to go steal food from her office, because snowy doesn’t wake up early anyways either. So we did go and had some mishaps happen. Like Des breaking her door and vents and not fixing them before she realized

Snowy, I hope you fix your door. I got to know that you don’t actually sleep at nights, but still accuse Snowy of not sleeping. Do you have anything to say about this?

I do sleep at night, I sleep more then Snowy. I atleast dont stay up lurking and watching shows

I thought Snowy didn’t watch shows.. I have been lied to. Anyway, if Snowy and Mantiuxx always occupy the US Staff HQ bedroom cough where do you sleep?

She still doesnt know any good old shows. Uhhh I sleep in the hallways with the rest of the staff in the HQ, not as bad of a sleeping spot if u slept there for almost 2 years

Do you sleep on the floor..?

Yes, that’s where all the other staff sleep too

Why does that sound comfortable, so, what is going on between you and Xtra? Why is it that you would voice reveal to him but not the other staff members?


I- we’re just friends smh and no I have revealed to other staff and helpers

What does this picture mean then?

Smh, hes just trying to annoy me with things like that

Hmm, I will see into this. Who is your favourite music artist?

Oh god, umm not really sure because I listen to many artist but probably Selena Gomez

I rarely listen to her, what are some of your hobbies outside of Help Force?

Lol, I do Indian dance, play the piano, hangout with family and friends, and like to travel whenever I can

DANCE You are amazing Maya, what’s your favourite food?

I like pizza or pasta, depends on the types but yea

You are even more amazing now. What was your favourite subject in school/college

Lol, umm probably my computer classes I have taken or are taking right now

Computer classes, you lazy human, whats your favourite movie or TV show?

I- smh, uhh idk prob any comedy, reality, or game shows

Ooo cool, we shall end here now, do you have anything to say to the readers? 😀

I would like to say thank you for letting me do this interview this week, even though the questions were interesting and help the Staff get food by spamming Snowy’s dms about this situation

That’s it for this week! Thanks for reading! Make sure to comment and tell us what you thought about the post. We’ll see you next week with more tea!

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  1. Disclaimer: I was fixing Snowy’s office ventilation

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