Song of the Week #8

Hello everyone! Guess who’s back… Back again(no copyright strike please) with another grape song suggestion from a person who’s no less than perfect. This week, our Major General, Archana has suggested a rather intriguing song called Helena by My Chemical Romance!

Here’s what she had to say about the song:

MCR has been my favorite band since the quarantine started. I just saw this on tv and at first, I was scared of the band members’ faces because of the eyeliner and costumes. The first song that I listened to was Welcome to the Black parade which is a VERY GRAPE SONG, love it. Then there’s I Don’t Love You but what caught my attention is the song Helena, I just like how and why it is made. Especially the people dancing infront of a funeral on the mv 😛 pls dont think that I’m weird. One of my favourite albums of MCR is The black parade. Every song in that album is lovely. It feels like I got yeeted to another galaxy whenever I listen to that album, mwuhashahsa sadness.

I was actually into soft and sweet songs before but since I found MCR everything changed. That’s the time when I started to like rock and emo songs. I would listen to emo songs everyday- sleeping, studying, and when im outside. MCR songs are also meaningful because it’s all about how hard life is. All the songs are relatable. So many emotional songs. AND ALSO THE GUITAR THO LIKE BRO?!! im going to have a stiff neck every time i listen to them.

YUH THEN THERES THE FALL OUT BOY, PARAMORE, AFI, AND MORE gosh i would recommend those bands. They are very good to listen to when ure hyped, sad, mad, and any other emotion you got.

My Chemical Romance was certainly a more interesting band than I thought. Besides the lyrics, melody, and drums being fantastic in every song, there is much more to the band. Every album has a new story behind it and I personally like looking into the meanings of such albums and songs. Helena is partially about the death of lead singer Gerard Way’s grandmother. This song had also started the whole concept of the CD that seems to be about how a man and woman get in a car crash but only the man dies and wishes to see her again while giving his last goodbyes. Indeed an immensely touching song.

My Chemical Romance is an American rock band from Newark, New Jersey. The current band members are lead vocalist Gerard Way, lead guitarist Ray Toro, rhythm guitarist Frank Iero, and bassist Mikey Way. They were active from 2001-2013 and then came back in 2019. I would say their most popular albums are Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge and The Black Parade. These albums definitely are worth listening to. The Black Parade is also another meaningful album that I would recommend doing some research about. It is a rock opera centering on a dying character with cancer known as “The Patient”. The song Helena is available on platforms like Spotify, Deezer, and YouTube. As always, I will be leaving a playlist with more songs like Helena and hope to see you next week!

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