Hey guys! So after like almost a year since the first time people suggested hosting a long music party, we finally decided to do it. On November 21st, at 7 pm IST, the music festival began.

DJ Ru hit the festival off with her soul-pleasing vibes! Such was the hype and excitement amongst the party-goers that everyone completely forgot about the scheduled Hunger Games! Everyone just wanted to keep spamming the lyrics and having fun with the people. It was a truly amazing musical experience and kudos to Ru for being so awesome.

Before the actual party, Scorp gave custom party tickets to everyone who wanted to attend. Here’s one of the tickets:

Along with the music, Scorp also opened up the bar for whoever wanted a drink. Wynn and Snowy played the role of amazing bartenders to the perfection! The only catch was, the bar did not serve anything other than HF’s famous virgin pina coladas. However, for a brief five minute period towards the end, Scorp decided to whip up drinks of the people’s choice (non alcoholic, of course). A lot of events occurred in the bar, from amusing things written on the containers to Kenzie getting banned for trying to steal drinks away and take them to staff, who weren’t allowed to drink.

As a part of the fun party games, Vedant hosted a Staff Sled Tournament! Although a lot of staff members participated, Mr. Racoon made everyone slip up and turned out to be the winner of the tourney.

Here are a few pictures from the tourney:




Hope you had a great time if you attended!

Scorpion Demon

Help Force Admiral

11 Responses

  1. hello yes i attended uwu

  2. i attended, the beverages were good, and i liked listening to everyone’s music choices lol

  3. Attended the amazing festival, and thanks for the drink!

  4. I was there and had a lot of fun! <3

  5. tyy for nice memories, it was a lot of fun #drinks4staff

  6. i attendeddd
    that was sooo nicee what a great memory to have
    i ordered a lot of pina coladas >:D

    (i got 2 coffee’s by accident but ty for that)

  7. I was there and I had fun. HF FESTIVALS FTW

  8. party was spectacular aaa. i love how everything was planned out and definitely wasn’t expecting the special items at all .

    That was the single most greatest tap water I’ve ever had, 10/10 would go for 2nd round

  10. I was just being nice to the staff smh

  11. Brilliant Day! hope we keep it alive best festival just one thing i hated ‘No Drinks for staff’ Really mean :'(

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