A De-lice-ious story – Part 2

Welcome back my children. Have you enjoyed the first part? I am glad. The feedback I got was pretty helpful. And for those that said I have lied, that is up to you to think. Now, without further ado in this post I will cover some points that were on my mind lately. Don’t worry, you will still find some stories. In the next post, even more 😉

“You’ve changed”

After I got Leader, I was known for being the cowboy of Help Force. The goofiest leader of the Triads. The best leader (not 100% confirmed but we know it’s true).  Everyone liked how spontaneous and cheerful was to hang around when I was in the chat. I’m not trying to self-promote me here, I just want you to understand the context of the story first. After a while of being Leader, both my Triads colleagues told me to basically stop “Cowboy Elp” so one day he had to be put down and just “Elp” started to hang around. It was still fun to hang around with him but the cowboy part was no longer there. After a while of my new “identity”, I had received a dm from a person who is no longer in Help Force: “You’ve changed, you’re not the friend I know anymore”. Sadly I do not have the dms with that account because I believe it was deleted, but the moment is still fresh in my memory. Who would have thought that phrase: “You’ve changed” was something that I would start to hear more often the longer I spent in Help Force. Not only to me, but for the army itself I still read people saying it: “Help Force has changed”, “it’s not the same anymore”, “I liked old Help Force”. Some even hide themselves behind these excuses to become inactive or leave the army. Not something bad, I don’t blame them. I have been in Help Force for about 2 years now and I can tell myself too, everything has changed. But that’s part of life, you know? It is inevitable. It will happen sooner or later.

Accepting the truth

This two-part post was something I was planning to write on later on the posts but I felt that it was necessary for me to write them now. To get them off my chest, off my mind. Let me ask you something. What’s the date today? And if I ask you one week later the same question, I’m pretty sure your answer will change. Well sir or madam, that is how time works. Time changes. Places change. Moments change. People change. Whether they change for good or bad, they do change too. I’m pretty sure one day you had your favorite t-shirt or sandals you loved to wear every day when you were 7-years-old and one day you used them last because they stopped fitting you. So in consequence, you get new clothes or new shoes. Of damn course Help Force 2018 wouldn’t be the same in 2019 and 2019 wouldn’t be the same in 2020. Open your eyes people, CPO is gone. We had the HF Exodus, we made history in the army community. Triads stopped being the leaders in Help Force. We have new faces every day in the server thanks to the constant and new recruiting. THINGS. WILL. CHANGE. And the most mature thing one can do is accepting the change and adapting to them. If you are in sorrow every day being “oh I miss the old days” or “the old days were better” well I’m sorry to break it to you but those days will never return. That is why it is called past. It already happened. It won’t happen again. I’m not trying to make you sad or nostalgic with all of this. I want people to understand that changes are not bad, they are part of life. It depends and varies on each person how we affront them. That is why we have to live every moment as if it was unique, because after all, every day is unique; every day is a new adventure! Whether it has drama, it has laughs, it has ice cream, it has homework or a party, it is still unique. The Cukito raids or 2019 VC parties happened, you don’t see them happening again nowadays and if you ask someone who used to be part of them I’m sure the answer will be “they were wild, I loved being part”. Well it’s time for you to be part of your own story. Make every day a unique adventure. Attend that battle, because it will never happen again even if there is another battle with the same army later that week. Join that VC party, it will be worth it and you will have a good time. DM that person you don’t dm anymore, sometimes getting a hi from a person you don’t talk to anymore can probably make their day without you knowing. But most important of all: Carpe diem. YOLO. Live your life, enjoy your moment, being responsible of course, but making the best out of your day.


#Simps4Vedant. 20/12, after winning Aces of Ausia.

Bugged Bunny Raid. You should.. Come sit beside me.

Famous Cukito raids from the hispanic community.

The Squidmits event. What a day.

Believing in what is worth

You and I are different people (duh). We have different personalities, different friends, different countries, different hobbies, different beliefs, etc. Do you know the levels of ecology? Were you taught that at school? The levels of ecology are: Individual > Population > Community. Just until there we will see. You may be wondering: “Elp, what the heck are you talking about?” Patience, my child. An individual would be you, me, Vedant, Chickn, etc. A population would be people who share certain things in common, like the Help Force army or any army. A community would be the group of armies, in this case the CPAH community. What I’m trying to say is: People are in a place, in a community, because they like to be there. Help Force members are free to stay or if they wish they can leave and move to another army. Everyone is free to choose. Everyone is free to decide by themselves. Everyone has their own free will to believe what is correct and what is not. Maybe you and I can have disagreements but we still share some things in common. We agree to live in a society with differences but where tolerance and respect play a key role, just like in any other place, to maintain the balance of the situation. One should always Fight for Glory? Fight for Fame? No. One should always fight and give all to their own ideals, to what is correct, to what is worth fighting for. Why else would we chant “HELP FORCE BEST FORCE”? Why else would we log on for events or battles or tournaments and give it our all to become the Best Force out there, to win, to achieve victory? Exactly. Because we believe that is correct, and so does the other army. They believe they are correct. We believe we are correct. Maybe we are both actually wrong, but we both fight for what we thing is correct. That is why, my children, never give up on your ideals, never give up on your thoughts. If you want to achieve something, fight for it. If you think someone is acting wrong, then speak up. If you think a staff member or leader is doing wrong, then act. The only one who will be truly rewarded or have consequences, is you, after all, you yourself can control whatever happens to you.

After all, thanks to every single one of you, staff members, majors, troops, recruiters, leaders, everyone is part of the Help Force and without everyone’s help and support, we wouldn’t be the Best Force. We wouldn’t have won another tournament. We wouldn’t be able to show other’s what Help Force is capable of. This is all, thanks to you.

Because Help Force is still the BEST. FORCE.

The Aces of Ausia trophy won by Help Force, the Best Force.

Don’t worry, there’s still more to come. More stories to tell and more things to reflect on. Until next week! I salute you all.

~ Elp, The Lice. Help Force guardian.

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  1. Nice. There is one thing I can say about you is that you have become more comfortable and confident with yourself over the months that I have known you. Everything you say here is true. We all change and grow because that is life itself. Great posts. I hope everybody gets to read them.

  2. I have to say, this is a very inspiring and lovely post elp, i really suggest that everyone reads them. its all true

  3. I thought that the simp4vedant thing was a very late april fools joke lol! help force best force.


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