Halloween Party 2020 Walkthrough for CPR

Spook-a-too Help Force! A Halloween Party is among us. Let me do a quick “run-through” all the things you need to know. Let’s begin, shall we?

Candy Collection System

When you log on for the first time, you should be introduced to the Candy Icon on the top right of your screen. There are many candies scattered across the island. Click on them, and they will be added to your candy collection system. If you click on the candy icon on the top right of your screen, it will reveal a catalog full of items you can collect by redeeming the so-called “Candy Points”. These collectable candies are scattered across the island, they can appear every few minutes and disappear too. Note: They will be present in the outdoor popular rooms such as the Dock and the Ski Village.

Monster Maker 3000

If you walk into the tiny narrow staircase area under the bookshelf in the Book Room. It should redirect you to the Monster Maker 3000. This room has an exclusive catalog with many different Halloween Styled items. You can access the catalog by clicking the icon on the bottom right of your screen.

Pumpkin Collectible Item

If you walk into this area (the picture) in the Forest, and proceed toward the Haunted House and eventually enter it. You can collect a free Pumpkin Head Item for free. You can refer to the pictures.

Zombie and Ghost Transformations

Ghost Transformation

Follow the path as shown in the pictures in order to get to the Ghost Transformation Machine. You can follow my pictures to trace the route.

In the Forest, travel toward the signpost on the top right (the one in the picture).

Enter the gates of the Spooky Mansion.

Move toward the door to the right.

Proceed toward the door to the top centre-right.

Waddle toward the walkway to the bottom right corner, you might have to walk around the centre of the room.

Lastly, move towards the Machine Structure in the centre for a bit. Voila! You’re a ghost!

Zombie Transformation

If you enter the Graveyard Room (yes, that is definitely the name of the room) which is accessible through the Mine and the Forest and wait a couple of seconds near the hole dug up. A zombie should try to uhh.. possess you if that’s the right word. Just let it do its thing and boom! You’re a zombie!

For both transformations, if you dance or wave, there’s a special effect portrayed. If you want to get back into your penguin state. Click on your penguin and click again on the “Transform back into a penguin” button.


Both DJ Maxx and Gary are set to visit us during this party. DJ Maxx however, will be returning with a fully custom and new background. If you would like to be notified the next time a mascot comes on in CPR, Don’t forget to apply for the Mascots role in #role-apply on our Discord Server.

Note: Mascots DO NOT come at a set timing. Please refrain from pinging other people in the server asking when they would come.


Three brand new emotes have been added to the Emote Slot. They look pretty cool in my opinion.


This was my first post, and I hope it helped many of you CPR fans out there! GL for everything, M&M’s for everyone and- Happy Halloween!

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