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A Complete Guide on How To Battle

The Help Force uses CPArmies, CPRewritten or HFIsland for events/battles.

Battles are events wherein we log onto a server and brawl against another CP Army. Awareness on doing tactics as soon as it’s announced, holding them, etc are all essential to defeat the other army in the Battle. These usually last for 30 minutes unless there’s an overtime room. 30 minutes with 3 rooms of 10 minutes each.

Strategies for a Battle:

  • Pre-Battle Warmup: A 5 minute warm up will be done with various formations, tactics which improves the speed and response of the troops online for the battle. This is done so that the new troops get a small idea on how battles work.
  • Room Change: The leader will send a word tactic or an emote in the chat. Keep the Maps opened in-game and you will have to copy the word tactic sent. You must enter the room as soon as possible and be alert for the next instructions.
  • Formations: Once entering the room, you will have get in a formation ASAP.
  • Tactics: They are basically a Bunch of Words or Emotes which you will have to do it in-game. The Leader will type in the tactic and everyone needs to enter it together on CP.
  • Bomb: Copy the tactic sent in chat, paste it and run around in ANY DIRECTION. Make sure you send the tactic in-game and run till the next is announced by the Leader.
  • Waterfall: Running in a UP AND DOWN fashion and performing the tactic simultaneously.
  • Rake: Running LEFT AND RIGHT while doing a certain tactic.
  • Wipe: Running to a CERTAIN DIRECTION and staying there until the next tactic is announced.
  • Tornado: Running in a CLOCKWISE fashion whilst performing a tactic.

Note : Remember to keep doing the Tactics for at least 5 seconds.

Watch our video on How To Battle!


A formation is where penguins organize themselves in a manner where they resemble sitting in a definite shape. Lines, Diagonals, Letters (X,L,V,T,Y), +, Surround, Infinity, Boat or a combination of these.

  • Strengthen the knowledge on shapes and letters.
  • Always pay attention to the type of formation announced.
  • Never leave any gaps in between, fill the gaps ASAP if you see any.
  • Never bunch/sit close to each other.
  • Do NOT spend more than 7 seconds to get into a formation.
  • Spreading out as much as possible is a must, it makes the formation look bigger and covers more troops of the opposition army.

Pictures and recorded videos of the events/battles are at the end of the post.


The Leader will send a word or a bunch of words in the chat. You will have to copy it and send it in-game on the command, like “GO”. Keep copying and pasting it until another tactic is announced. Be sure to take pictures!

Emotes will be used as well. The chart below has the emote shortcut-keys needed.

Examples of Formations:

Infinity Formation ♾

Upside down V

Anchor formation ⚓️

Surround Formation

Various Battle Videos:

Thank you for reading helpers!

Until next time!


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