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How To: Fun Events- Card-Jitsu

So, helpers, there is a Card-Jitsu event soon! And if you haven’t been in one, here is how it goes! As you can see a signup form is given above! To participate you must fill that form to be in the tournament! Fill in the Info below with your discord username( it can be your nickname on the server) and your CP Name. Once the form is filled you will need to wait for the event. When it is time to log on, you must be ready in the Dojo. The host will then tell you to possibly go in…

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JTS Revival Event [Juanita Day Special!]

Hey Helpers! Today, we had a JTS event on CP Rewritten. The event was lead by none other than our new main leader, Moon. After a long week of lots of recruiting and hard work, we reaped the rewards during the event. The event went very smoothly as we celebrated Juanita Day, honoring another one of our leaders, Juanita. Things are looking up for the rest of our new era! Click read more to see more pictures from the event! MAX: 35+

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US Dance Party Event

Hey Helpers! Today we logged on CPR for a fun Dance Party. Today’s event was a HUGE success! The max exceeded our expectations and we had the opportunity to get lots of stamps! We earned the Red Penguin, Blue Penguin, Green Penguin, Yellow Penguin, 10 Penguins, and 25 penguins dance club stamps. After those, we earned the Dance Lounge stamp upstairs. To our surprise, Aunt Arctic paid a visit to our event! During our event, some of us even had a shot to meet AA. Click read more to see some more photos from our impressive event! MAX: 40+

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HF Resurgence Event

Hey Helpers! Earlier, Help Force logged onto Blizzard on CP Rewritten for the Huge HF Resurgence Event! This event was marked as the first event of the new era as well as a successful revival of Help Force! All the 3 leaders of the new era; Moon, Juanita and DaSwagger; led a room each for the event! It was a wonderful revival event showing Help Force standing strong along with the members showing hype and enthusiasm throughout it and also doing the tactics and formations both deftly and neatly! Here are a few images from the event: MAX:30+

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Help Force Insight!- The New Era of Leadership!

Hey there guys! As you can see the Insight is back…Yes, we know its been almost a year, but hey, all that matters is that we are back! There has been a lot that has happened with the Help Force over this past week and we are going to get you up to speed! Well, 2 weeks ago on 27th Jan, 2020 an announcement was published by our founder, Ayan.

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