Good day Helpers! Today we logged onto Ascent of Club Penguin Rewritten to have our crazy hair-themed event! Everyone got into their messy wigs and hair and did various tactics through Town, Cove and lastly at Beach. Huge thanks to Wynn, Ru, Desireus and Alex for leading in today’s event! Thank you all who attended as well! Until next time.

Max: 33+

Comment below if you attended!

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Hey Helpers! Today we logged onto Server – Zipline on CP Rewritten for a Watermelon themed event, in our new edition of the special Gameday that we do in HF! Led by Ru, Maya, Wynn, Amy and Desireus, it was evidently filled with many fruit-related tactics as well as ones related to Harry Styles. After practising quite some formations, with emotes and tactics, we all got to participate in a Dance Contest on CP Rewritten following it! Until next time Helpers, and see ya all for sure at the Semi-Finals this Sunday in the Legend’s Cup against Ice Warriors!

Max: 44+

Comment below if you attended the event!!

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Hello everyone! Today we logged onto CPR for the grapest event of the month! We practised fast tactics and formations at Town, Lighthouse and Inside Mine. Out grape costumes and goose tactics made the event truly memorable. It was also followed by our monthly Overtime Day celebrations! Congratulates Alex on winning the fight and thank you Wynn, Maya, RU, Desireus and Absolute for leading!

MAX: 41+

Comment below if you attended the event!

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Hey Helpers! Today we all logged onto CP Rewritten on Server – Ascent for another Branch Battle of Team Fire vs Team Water. Team Fire was led my Ru, Amy and Yoda while Team Water was led by Desireus, Sam and Snowflake. It was once again one with fast formations and sassy tactics thrown at each other by either side with Team Water claiming another victory by winning two rooms and drawing one of them. Until next time, where we see you all at many more Big Events, Battles and Games, and of course, all the matches in the most awaited Legends Cup XI, starting this Saturday!

Max: 41+

Comment below if you attended the battle!

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Know Your Ally – Red Ravagers

Hey guys! Welcome back to the beloved HF column: Know Your Ally! A series to learn and know more about our wonderful allies! Today, we’re interviewing another of our allies,

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Greetings Fam… Today the helpers logged onto CPRewritten – Ascent for the event as we are marching towards the Blue Summer and to prepare for the Eastern Domination.
The event led by Jayden and Ayan was well-guided for new helpers as they learned formations and speed tactics.
Everyone performed very amazingly as we charged from Town, Coffee shop, Gift shop to Iceberg.

Have a glance at it below and make sure to join us for future fun events! 💙

MAX: 46+

Comment below if you attended the event!

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[AUSIA/EU/INT] Operation: Heist

Greetings Helpers! Today we logged on to CPRewritten for a marvelous event! We did loads of fun tactics, emotes and formations. The event was led by Nell, Slush and Ru! Fantastic job today helpers!

MAX: 53+ 

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Hey Helpers! Today we logged on to CPRewritten for some battle training! We did fun tactics, emotes, and beautiful formations! The Event was led by Slush, Skillz, Ru and Joe! Amazing Job today helpers! See you all at the battle! 

MAX: 40+

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[AUSIA/EU INT] Shamrock Training

Hello Helpers! Today we logged onto CPR for some battle training! We practiced formations and tactics at Iceberg, Stadium and Docks! Thank you for leading Ru, Joe and Snow! Great job everyone, keep it up and see you at the next battle training! March Madness is ours!

Max: 40+

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[EU] Branch Battle – Team Water vs Team Fire

Greeting everybody! Today we logged onto CPR for the first Branch Battle between Team Water and Team Fire! The event was a huge success! It took place in Inside Mine, Iceberg, Forest, Studium and Docks and both teams put up a strong fight but the winner can be only one! Congratulation Team Water on winning this time and thank you Nell, Joe, Jayden, Wynn, Maya, Ru, Chloe and Barnito for leading! Hope you had fun everyone and see you at the next battle!

Max: 36+

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