Hello helpers and chefs! today we logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten to show off our pizza making skills, we showed off some fresh tactics and formations lead by Nell, Wynn, Maya, and ROOBOO, Followed by Pizzatron 3000 contest. Thank you for attending! 

MAX: 30+

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[US] Operation: Pepperoni

Hi Helpers! Today we waddled onto Club Penguin Rewritten for this super fun pizza event! we did some amazing tactics and formations lead by Ayan, Barnito, Joe, and Maya. And afterwards we did a fun Pizzatron 3000 contest! 

MAX: 40+

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Howdyyy Pizza Lovers! Today we logged onto CPR actually to eat. Oops I mean we logged onto CPR for the amazing AUSIA event led by Wynn, Nelly, and Slushy and we really had fun with numerous tactics and formations as we moved through the Stadium, the Pizza Parlor, and the Docks! Get a peek of the event from the pictures below and come along and join us next time for even more fun!:wink:

Max: 36+

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