Good day Helpers! This event was officially sponsored by a Dinosaur Raid. All we saw today were Avocados everywhere which did scare some people…. Thank you(?) to the dinos for blessing our event with your presence. We sincerely hope you do not come back ever again sobs.  The event was initially led by Jayden, Joe, Nell and then followed by troops of the Help Force as it was a U-Lead event. Thank you all for attending, see you all at our next event!

MAX: 38+

Comment below the post if you attended!

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Greetings Helpers! In today’s AUSIA event we logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten for a disco-themed event! We did various tactics and formations throughout Town, Dance Club and finally the Coffee Shop. Today’s event also included a tactical inclusion where the Helpers learned some advanced tricks required to find the treasure! Huge thanks to Wynn, Rooboo and Ayan for leading. Thank you to those who attended as well!

MAX: 34+

Comment below if you attended!

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