GoTW #166

Congrats to SwagerGamer on earning his fourth Gamer of the Week! Well done Swager!

GoTW #165

Congrats to SwagerGamer on earning his third Gamer of the Week and earning GoTW Specialist! Swager is a proficient recruiter and can always be seen chatting during AUSIA hours. Well done!

GoTW #164

Congrats to Swager Gamer on earning his second Gamer of the Week! He is a very dedicated troop and spends lots of time recruiting, as well as participating in Arcadium events. Well done!

GoTW #123

Hello Helpers! Warmest congratulations to SwagerGamer on earning his first Gamer of The Week! This award was well-deserved after a week full of fun events and recruiting. May this be the first of many more achievements to come in the future!