Hey Helpers! Today we logged onto Zipline for an astounding event led by Ayan, Barnito, and Nell. The rooms were; Town, Stadium, Cove and Iceberg. It was a great event followed by an amazing Fashion Extravaganza which had 3 rounds and the themes were; Summer Party, the lockdown you and lastly Superhero! It was really fun and everyone rushed to put their best dresses on.

Max: 62+

Comment below if you attended the event!

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Third Anniversary Fashion Festival

Hey Helpers!

On the day of HF’s Third Anniversary, we announced that there would be a Fashion Festival Contest wherein members were given one chance to dress up their penguin in the most exquisite style ever and be crowned the Fashion Diva!

Not only do they receive extra Sapphires, but also obtain an exclusive and hoisted role in the discord server!
Join our discord now!

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[EU] Cupid’s Helpers

Hey Helpers! Today was all about love❤️ . We logged onto CPRewritten for a fun Valentine’s day themed event! With lots of great tactics and formations led by Nell, Barnito, Jayden and Joe at the Snow Forts, Stadium, Iceberg, Docks and Inside Mine, we had a great time. The Fashion Show at the end was splendid and all participants showed that their fashion taste is exquisite! Thank you all for attending! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Happy Birthday, Club Penguin Rewritten! 😃

Max: 46+

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