[US] Orange Propeller Takeover

Hey there Helpers! Today, we had an Orange Propeller Takeover on CPR!

We originally intended to log into town, but got rerouted to the dance club. During the event, we faced many costume changes! The first was changing our color to red in the dance club. Then we changed rooms to the iceberg and changed our colors back to orange, but wore the mining hat instead! :E5~2: After the iceberg, we returned to town and jumped back into our original uniform of the propeller hat. Overall, the event went well. Good job helpers! Make sure you comment if you attended for a promotion!

MAX: 30+


[AUSIA] Pizza Party

Hey Helpers!

This Friday, Help Force logged onto CPR for the Pizza Party event held on Blizzard! During this event, members wore the chef’s hat along with the pizza apron. The event went stirringly with everyone doing the tactics on time and deserving promotions after a much improved Ausia event. The 18 helpers that attended this event produced solid tactics and innovative formations to great success!

MAX 18+


[EU] Branch Battle

Hey Helpers! On Sunday, we logged onto CPR to have our weekly branch battle!

Room 1: Yellow Chilis entered the room fastest and performed expectional bombs and better forms to beat the opponent in the first room. They defied a lesser max to win against the odds.
Room 2: However, the story changed as Hot Sauce really turned up the heat, excelling in all key categories and sweeping this room clean. This levelled the scores.
Room 3: The Mine Shack saw an equal entrance, with the Chili’s displaying better emoji tactics and Hot Sauce being innovative with words. Overall, Hot Sauce’s bombs were better here and they win the 3rd room.
Room 4: Hot Sauce then stormed into the Book Room with a powerful Hello bomb that tore apart any hopes of the Chili’s winning the room. Team Yellow fought back regardless, and despite better formations and emoji tactics in this room, they were well beaten.
Room 5: Despite Yellow Chilis having a huge max advantage, they still had to work for this win. Yellow Chilis entered well and their word tactics were strong, but Hot Sauce‘s powerful bombs and Emojis once again saw them win the room.

MAX: 20+


Practice Battle Against ACP

Hey Helpers! Today we logged onto CPR for a Practice Battle against our allies ACP! This event saw over 30 Help Force members battling on Beanie against a ferocious and strong opponent! The event was hyped for hours before starting and was extremely successful, regardless of the result. Commander Tistle led Help Force to battle after multiple recruitment segments, hyping the troops for a whole hour with pre-tactics and fierce spamming. The event result was as follows:

First Room: ACP

Second Room: Tie 

Third Room: ACP

This result does not tell the full story. One mistake from ACP could have costed them the whole battle, and they were on top form with many returning veterans involved against a Growing Help Force! We will battle on, with many more interesting encounters to come in the future! Unleash the Power of Helping!

MAX 30+