The Victory Parade – SUCCESS !

Hey there Helpers , The Help Force logged into Zipline to host their Victory Event over the Templars War !
The Event went pretty good , With a CPO Moderator Audience and every troop being active and energetic in the Event !

Here are some of the Pictures of the Event :

Max : 60

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The Advanced HF : Invasion of Flurry !

Hey there Helpers! The Help Force, on Saturday, invaded Flurry wearing our Advanced Uniforms!

The Outcome was great and the outlook of the Advanced Uniform was Perfect!
The Help Force managed to beat the Pirates and gained a Crushing Victory over them!

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Defense of Whiteout

Hey there Helpers , We successfully defended our territory WHITEOUT Yesterday.
Congrats to Everyone for that !

Here are some Pictures from the Battle :

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Successful Defense of Zipline

Hey there Helpers , HF yesterday successfully defended Zipline [ Their Capital ] from LT, Pirates and the Coward Templars.

Even Though there was a contradiction coming from the Army League stating we didn’t win , because We Didnt “Follow” the Invaders is just a piece of tomfoolery.

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Hey there Helpers , The National Armies Alliance comprising the Fashion Army , Ninjas of CPO , Help Force CPO invaded Blizzard ( The Capital of Aliens ) and grabbed it away from the opponents.
It was a successful event as we managed to win all the 3 Rooms.

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Hey there Helpers , Today the Help Force invaded Whiteout ( MAC’s Capital ) and grabbed it away from them. It was a One Sided Battle , and we Unleashed the Power of Helping !
Here are some Pictures from the Battle :

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Help Force VS MAC – Information

Hey there helpers,

Today, the Help Force will battle MAC. I’m here with the details, live on the battlefield. Continue reading

Help Force vs Pirates [Christmas Chaos R2]

blog 4

Hi Guys , Help Force logged into Sleet on Saturday to witness their Battle with the Pirate Army.  Continue reading

HF vs GMA [ Success ]

Welcome back everyone! Today HF and GMA had a practice and I’m sure both teams had a BLAST. We were also playing CJF before but lets talk about the practice battle! It was truly one of the best practice battles Help Force has been in yet. While we are very happy that Help force won this battle, in a battle like this, no one loses!

An extra special thanks to GMA for a great battle today, and a huge thank you to everyone who came to help out through this battle. We couldn’t have won without all of you!

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