Walkthrough of the Medieval Party

Hey Helpers! The most anticipated Medieval Party is here!

The party started a few hours ago and will be on CPRewritten till the 6th of August. Make sure you read the whole post to know exactly what to do to get all the items during this party!

Let’s begin shall we ?!?

Gary gives us information about the party and everything that’s been happening around the Island. He then talks of a dragon, the dragon referred is Scorn.

After reading that, move to Town and click on the small catalogue present on right bottom corner of the screen.

Sadly there are no secret items in this catalogue but the last page is kinda confusing isn’t it ? Maybe after doing some quests, we’ll know the secret message which tells us how to defeat the dragon!

Before we start off with the enormous quests, let’s visit the Boiler Room first. There is a pin which you can get by following the steps below:

Hover your cursor over the part shown for 2-3 times

Click on the cauldron


Let’s move to the Mine and then enter the well because we be daring enough xD

Quest 1:

Challenge 1:

All you have to do is walk up to the tiles and the orbs will light up.

Also, do you notice the two signs ? They probably might help later, so let’s note that down now.

You will earn the Party Puzzle stamp after finishing the above task.

Proceed to the next room.

Challenge 2:

Hit 50 targets with snowballs and then pickup the item available.

Hmm, the signs again but they’re different this time. What could they be ?

Proceed to the next room!

Challenge 3:

Well, those signs are actually clues for directions! There’s a free item, make sure you fetch that first. From the 4 different signs, we can conclude that: Fish – Up ; Crab – Right ; Jellyfish – Left ; Boot – Down. Look at the pic below and follow the directions

It may be different for you, so make sure you note it down and decipher the secret code and follow it. When done correctly, you will go to a room where the armour is kept. Make sure you collect the armour. Then Exit the room. Quest 1 is complete!

Quest 2:

Challenge 1:

Read what is written on the sign and you can clearly make out that you need to throw snowballs at the torches that the penguin statues hold.

Challenge 2:

This Key Puzzle is kinda hard to explain because it’s different for everyone. But the main objective is to try and get the key into the hole!

Proceed to the next room and make sure you get the free item which is available.

Challenge 3:

This task is simple but looks complex. You just have to fill the barrel using snowballs and then the cannon there will get filled with water. Once the button is green, click on the button and then the dragon will be electrocuted. Repeat it three times and the dragon will stop working i guess. Good job! Now proceed to the next room!

Collect the toothbrush pin and the Dragon’s gold furniture item. Now exit the room. With that, Quest 2 ends.

Quest 3:

Challenge 1:

This particular one can be a difficult one unless you pay attention. To make it easier, join a server where there would be more members trying for it and follow the rogues. Proceed to the same tile as the rogues move. Or just watch one colour and wait till it is asked again.

Challenge 2:

Collect the Helmet first. Then follow this order: Red -> Blue -> Yellow. Then proceed to the next room.

Challenge 3:

Make sure you pick up the shield. Pay attention and go through the details in the pictures. They have clues with which the task can be completed. Equip the Shield which you received in the room. Proceed to the next room where you will face the Hydra.

Yellow: Wear the shield you got in the previous room. When the marked tile appears, move there and bounce off the attacks to itself.

Blue: Throw snowball on the cauldron containing lava such that the lava is poured on the Blue Head. Timing should be perfect.

Red: Just throw snowballs at the red head to take it out.

Proceed to the next room where you will receive the armour.

With this, the third quest ends.

Now, move to Ski Hill and collect the Helmet as shown and then enter the gates.

Collect the cape on the bridge while preparing for the battle.

Battle Against the Queen:

This is predictable. Whenever the Queen blows her smoke, she’ll spit a fireball towards you which will end your game. So, after she blows out the smoke, get out of the way. Then start throwing snowballs at her. Whenever you change your position, she will move towards you. It’s best if you move to the extreme sides since she always pauses at the centre, hence more snowballs can be thrown at her. After she is defeated, the next level would be facing Scorn.

While battling Scorn, use your slingshot and shoot the orbs. Try to get more combos, shoot the blue orbs too.

After defeating Scorn, you will be awarded with coins and a background.

And, Gary will be visiting. Make sure you join our discord server and receive the Mascot role for notifications about Mascots.

Until next time folks, this is Barney, signing off.

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