Hello Waldo! Today we logged onto CPABattleground dressed as Waldo! We had fun running the island and doing tactics and emotes about finding Wally! Afterward, we played Find Wally! Hope everyone enjoyed the event and thank you to the leaders!

Max: 15


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Hey Helpers! Today we logged onto Server – Ascent for an invasion which went smoothly and successfully. This time we conquered the server called ‘Crunch’ on the CP Armies Map and expanded our territory even more. Led by Wynn, Rooboo and Amelia, it was a beach – themed event where we wore anything beach-related and did quite some formations and tactics. Until next time, where we see you all at many more Big Events, Battles or Games!

Max: 35+

Comment below if you attended the Event!!

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[AUSIA/EU] Operation: Enhance!

Howdy Helpers! On Tuesday we logged onto CPR for Operation: Enhance! The training went fabulous! We did a great deal of tactics at Iceberg, Docks and Inside Mine that were led by Amy, Wynn, ROOBOO and Nell! Thank you all for coming!

Max: 43+

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