Get to Know the Help Force Staff: Barnito

Hey helpers! I’m here again with a newly promoted Marshal(3ic), Barnito!

With the new era beginning, we have some new staff joining us, as well as mass promotions! This means it is extremely important to get to know our staff team better even more than before. Barnito has been in the Help Force for a while now, and with his fun segments and welcoming personality in chats, his promotion was definitely well deserved. In this interview, not only will you get to know more about him, but you’ll also find some very helpful information about event tactics!


Help Force Insight!- The New Era of Leadership!

Hey there guys! As you can see the Insight is back…Yes, we know its been almost a year, but hey, all that matters is that we are back! There has been a lot that has happened with the Help Force over this past week and we are going to get you up to speed!

Well, 2 weeks ago on 27th Jan, 2020 an announcement was published by our founder, Ayan.


Get to Know the Help Force Staff: DaSwagger

Hey Helpers! I’m here with another interview of a less well-known staff member, DaSwagger! Usually referred to as “Swag/(ger)” and seen with other clever nicknames, he’s been in the Help Force for a good amount of time now, but we don’t know much about him. In this interview, I hope we can change that!

Everything in this interview has not been touched or edited from our original words (besides some spelling of course).


Get to Know the Help Force Staff: SirShad

Hey Helpers! In this edition of “Get to Know the Help Force Staff”, I’m interviewing a CP veteran, SirShad. You usually see him with unique nicknames usually involving “Shad” in them. He’s been involved in CP activities for over a decade and is not stopping for a second. In this interview, you’ll learn so much more about him to get to know him better!


Get to Know the Help Force Staff: Skeleton Lad

Hey Helpers! The Help Force staff team has grown like ever before, with some Dynasties even coming back to serve again. This time, I’m taking over this series and flipping it onto our previous author, Skeleton Lad, also usually called “ret”, “skel”, or “skele,” has been in the Help Force since December 26th, 2018. Can you believe that? Everyone has something special about them, and I’m sure you can spot him everywhere with the amazing art he creates, and piña coladas. In this interview, you’ll find out so much more about this beloved member of the HF than you ever thought.

Get to Know the Help Force Staff: Aoao6

Hey Helpers! Every Help Force moderator has a unique aspect that they identify with, whether it’s Juanita’s typos, Lottie’s lollipops, Moon’s chicken nuggets or Tistle’s tuba. We now get to know more about Aoao, a Help Force 3IC who identifies with clowns. Through this interview, you will gain more insight into who he is and may even learn something new like I did. Please continue reading to see what happened:


Get to Know the Help Force Staff: Lottie

Hey Helpers! The Help Force is a place where personality development and inter-personal assistance flourishes. For this reason, I believe it’s important to get to know some of the Help Force figures that make this happen. The members, of course, play a tremendous role, but today we’ll be focusing on the moderating aspect in the Help Force. I had the pleasure of interviewing Lottie, one of the 3IC’s in the Help Force. Please continue reading to see what happened:


The Retirement Post – Ayan's Retirement

Starting this Post itself gives me Chills. Never had I thought that a time would come where I would have to leave the Community , The Family , The Club Penguin Online’s Army I formed : The Help Force.

If this Post has been Published , It means that I , Unfortunately have retired from all the Armies , The Help Force and each Community which I was in the Virtual World.

Click on the “Read More” to Go through the Entire Journey of me and the Help Force.

Get to know the Help Force staff: AriaXenn

Hey everyone, it’s Solar here! How’s life going? Just not too long ago, I interviewed one of the newer members of the Help Force staff, AriaXenn, and this post will be all about it.

AriaXenn(Aria)’s been a Help Force mod for about a month now, but hasn’t participated in a lot of casual conversations, so you guys may not know her very well. Hopefully you’ll learn a lot more about her by reading this!

So without further ado, let’s jump right into the main topic!