[AUSIA] Eclipse Event

Today, the AUSIA Division logged onto Blizzard to observe the eclipse on the Tallest Mountain!

The event began with the troops performing tactics at the Town then we moved to the Forest and hopped onto the Hot Air Balloon. We did a few tactics while we were cruising and then got off at the Tallest Mountain where we sat on the benches together and observed the eclipse. We manged to earn the Happy Room and the Mountaineer stamp during the event!

Max: 20+

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[EU] Massive Branch Battle

Today, we logged on CPATG for a Team Green vs. Team Yellow fun event!

Hi readers, this event was led by both of our lovely leaders, Lottie and Spotty. Both teams showed a competitive spirit in the battle but at the end of the day, Team Green bagged the victory with more penguins and better tactics!

Max: 20+

Comment below if you attended!

[EU] Berg Drill + Stamp Event

Today, the EU Division logged onto CPR to tip the berg and help out other penguins with various stamps!

Hello readers! We had our EU troops log on to CPR Blizzard today for this event which was hosted by our very own commander Spotty. The event turned out great with troops performing tactics and bombs while moving around the island helping penguins get stamps at the Iceberg and also all of the color stamps at the Dance Club.

We managed to max around 35 penguins and recruited 10 new members before the event. Overall a delightful event for those who were a part of it! Here are a few pictures:

Max: 35+

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[EU] Army Training

Hello again! Today the 18th of January, our EU Divison logged onto CPR for some extensive army training where we practiced new and fast tactics that made troops react to tactic commands faster. The event was lead by our very own leader, Ayan. Later, we donned Pizza aprons and went to the Pizza Parlor to help penguins out with the Pizza Lover Stamp.
We managed to max around 25 penguins and recruited 5 new players before the event and 6 more after the event. Overall, a crusty event! Here are some pics: 

Max: 27+

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[EU] Red Penguin Takeover

Hello Readers! Today the EU Division had a huge CPR Event today in which we wore RED and had an amazing event with various new formations, bombs, and tactics.
We managed to max around 42 penguins and recruited 6 new players before the event. Overall, a glorious event!

Max: 42

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[CPATG] Invasion of Flurry

Today, the Help Force logged onto CPATG and successfully invaded the server – Flurry!

Hello readers! Today we proudly donned our advanced uniforms and marched onto CPATG to invade the server – Flurry from the Elite Guardians of CP. This invasion was led by our wonderful leaders – Spotty, Ayan and Lottie. In a span of 30 minutes, we entered the Iceberg, Stadium and The Docks while managing to display several tactics, bombs and formations in every room that we visited and successfully invaded Flurry as the EGCP did not show up. We managed to max around 25 penguins and recruited 15 new players before the battle. Overall, a very sublime event!

MAX: 25+

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[AUSIA] Mining Event on CPR

Today the AUSIA Divison of the Help Force logged onto CPR to have a Mining Event wearing hard hats!

Hi there, the AUSIA troops had a sizeable CPR Event today where we wore Hard Hats and went mining around the island helping penguins achieve the Happy Room and the Berg Drill stamps. In this event, we used interesting tactics and formations that were just a sight to behold!

We managed to max around 40 penguins and recruited 8 new players during the course of this event.

Max: 40

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[AUSIA] Guitar Takeover Event!

Heyo Helpers, today the AUSIA Division had a dynamic CPR Army Training led by our leaders Spotty and Ayan today in which we wore Guitars of different colors and had a wonderful event with various bombs, formations, and new experimental tactics!
We managed to max around 15 penguins, and recruited 5 new players during the course of the event!

Max: 15+

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